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    This is my very first one, looking forward to responses from WOMEN, please do not include email address and blur out head on knuckle photo..THANKS! Is this one better?...

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    Here's some more pics of myself - thanks so much for the kind comments and I assure you, I am 49 - you're comments are appreciated. Like margarine...

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    Just a few pics taken one morning when I was perceiving a little springy. Not too bad for a 44 year old as I still have it and going strong. perceive good dancing...

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    Many have asked what Mary looks like today. Well here she is close to her 60th bday some nine years ago. I hope this meets with your approval Kayla in Orange

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    Had so many fine comments on the very first part of this series I thought I would post some more. Your comments make her so hot!!! Her sexy nightwear...

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    *El A Bit Of Joy In An Elevator - Just a few photos to add to the Elevator theme. Been awhile since we have posted, and looked like a nice time to hop back in Soft to Hard...

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    Ellie May - Crimson - Packaged around a sheet of crimson It strokes my skin, toe to head I lie underneath it as I wait Quivering vulva is my bait I wonder who will come to lay Next to me, Ellie May XXXOOO Less is More...

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    We both love hearing the comments, Even the nasty ones. It gives us joy to hear that don't like her take time enough to say how much "we"aggravate their day!! ... a few piss shots.......

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    These are some pics from FF in Key West... it took me lengthy enough to post 'em! We ended up at "Eden"... but weren't permitted to take pics up there... We had a blast! ;) i am crazy, .......

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    Sexy Scots Lass - kelly loves posing for the camera and cant wait to take her clothes off as you will all shortly see.i think she has the sexiest gams in the world, judge for yourself. Love. oh fuck this senses good!...

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    Another contri for RC. various pics, Sorry to those who posted messages, ive been away for a duo ofweeks, i will reply to any that show up this time Mature 65 year old...

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    chick sans bra on sand in australia

    Well, after my last contribution with me playing the guitar (OK...OK.... I know I was holding it upside down!!!) I thought I have a go at a tuba. (I must admit I do choose larger instruments!!!) Love !! Dion xxxx

    October 2018 11:44:18

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    Krystal punches back naked on the plage FM14

    My wifey and I are both water signs. We met in water, we love the water and we love romp in the water. Our Roman bathroom is the most luved place in the mansion. This is the very first contribution, but I hope to add many more. Hope you all love.

    October 2018 19:7:14

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    CD Poppered and Jerking on Public Playa

    I just fancied taking some pictures of myself on my fresh camera phone, notably as I love the female submissions so much, I thought I'd come back the favour, albeit some may not care for my little 'chap' :)

    October 2018 12:54:44


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    Wrote Passionat

    You mean "your lady"? hahahahahhahahaha

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    Wrote belinda25

    hola otra vez bombon.

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    Wrote TinyUNC

    Now lets get a look at those big tits......

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    Wrote rickkink

    interessted in pictrading (have a very hairy gf too)...email me: ibiza2020@gmx.de

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    Wrote jomick

    You are absolutely stunning!!!!!!

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    Wrote matty1975


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    Wrote midnighte

    well, its "huge" size does not truly help, does it?

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    Wrote fluquech

    Wifey is greatUse More Pixels next time.

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    Wrote mickail974

    I wish I could describe what effects who have on me. You are the most beautiful natural. I rail your kinks with my eyes, like railing a roller coaster. Please post everything you got, as quick and as often as you can. Then, do more.Thank you OHG

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    Thanks! Let's see some covered in cum!

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    - love ur tattos

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    I love you in the panty/bra sets! I also envy ur hubby/bf who gets to love that body!

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    seins magnifiques

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    Wrote hl72

    Superb pictures! You're beautiful! You're my fave Fantasy Jamboree honey. I love to be naked, too, face/body paint myself and others,and would love to see more and/or share stories of naked adventures, please. rocky_angel@sbcgobal.netThanks for posting your pictures.

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    I got hard just watching you in pic 1 fully clad

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    faux or real ?

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    A stunning, and sugary WOMAN!!! Impressively stunning calves.

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    The fucktoys sure are distracting.

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    Built for hard play

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    At work I would do you on a desk, then take you outside and do you in the sofa of mt truck.

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    You have such a flawless assets, from head to toe and I don't know what end I would commence on. You are such a delicious Princess.

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    asian naturistsI loved your photos!!! so much so that i'll humbly ask you to e-mail me some more..

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    asian naturistsYou are beautiful. Would love to see more nicer yet are you in CA. Love you puffies want to suck on them and taste your mummy labia. gixxerman316@gmail.com. lets converse

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    If you don't think she has a nice donk your crazy get real.she looks nicer with a swimsuit then some f these chicks nakedand it's la jola not like it's somewhere on the french riviera.

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    Wrote spyke2000

    Indeed petite.

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    More, more, MORE!! Keep us, I mean, it cuming :)toesnsandGreat pics!! don't stop, please, don't stop

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    magnifique beautA©e

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    Learn how to blur the face

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    Such a sexy buff hunk:0)

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    She has a excellent culo. Love the last shot in the water.

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    asian naturistsI like to see some pics before she smooth-shaven

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    I'll bet she wants to be seenjQuery110208199839223858929_1400249595468

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    Sleek sexy woman just hot sweet joy in the sun

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    God, I adore your gorgeous figure. You're so freakin' HOT.

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    The result of extreme food addiction

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    Ooooh, so cold yet so hot! Sweet tasty muffin, thanks.

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    FAIR !! .... Excellent body..but..Show MORE labia ... DON T Trim. Let your Thicket GROWShow your Pubic hair wearing those GARTER, STOCKING S and HIGH HEELS; ONLY; next time, pleasePost UPSKIRT demonstrating your Pubic hair

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    I love your pink vulva lips!

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    And I am a delve fan!

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    What a Snake.IF you trim that thing you would get lots of more than lookers.Send me more.

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    at least the last contri had pics of a mans assI love thatNEXT!

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    nice manstick, lucky Gina

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    asian naturistsI wont pretend to know you - but I come from Wiltshire and am a Published, exhibiting Fine Art Photographer.

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    Wrote re-cazzo

    asian naturistsHoly hell dude get a gf or something

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    put your clothes back on and come back to the nursing home,,,YUK!!

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    let's see em covered in jizm

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    asian naturistsSupreme tits and wonderful assets. I would love to be behind you ... flylikeaneagle1@hotmail.co.uk

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    Bring him on nude!

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    Supreme surprise

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    had you look a mirror in lastdays ?

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    asian naturistsNo promises. With fine tits like that, I would spunk everywhere. Hope to see more. mackdogg80@yahoo.com

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    You lucky swine!!! Would love to see if she can take Two at the same time. One of the sweetest snatches on here today!!!!

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    Simply super woman...nice tits....nice bum and very nice cootchie.

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    MY VOTE'S FOR #24. THE Platinum-blonde, #23, Gargles.

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    flash your face.with a assets like that you could be the grossest chick in the world and no one would care.im sure your face is very pretty.the twat is very beautiful and so hairy.i would love to eat you.post more please.

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    Wrote ray29291982

    nothing beautiful on this plastic bod

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    a swimsuit

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    Christ -- clean your room

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    Hardly RC shots, but that isn't surprising anymore.

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    asian naturistsincredible sexy humid vagina and supreme tits to suck my wifey came looking at that vagina

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    Hate it when contributors beg for votes, besides your not that hot.

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    Verry Sexy. I love #1 Please send me one. Hope to here from you briefly John

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    asian naturistsYouA?re delicious!!!Thanks

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    Ultra-cutie, awesome.

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    Belle foto, ma che cazzo centra il Japan?, cosa cambiava se le facevate a Riccione? Speravo in qualcosa all'aperto visto il titolo

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    She is "vantastic" WoW! Thanks for posting.

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    asian naturistsLove your love button. supreme shots. Please send more of your hot sexy bod

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    AWESOME !! it's nice to see these beautiful tits in concentrate eventually

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    NO !!!!!!!!

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    All alone again?

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    Wrote jesiel0

    Hi Peaches. Don't know if you've seen my messages at "Happy Valentine" but it seems like I'm fairly a admirer of you. Over and over I detect my desire for you(again!) in all these sexy photos. Oh, I like just looking, as well as imagining all the sexy things Id' like to do to you.

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    Very beautiful woman! Have you more from her?

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