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    Howdy all, Just a mid 20's man wanting to share some pics to see what kind of responses I might get. I would be interested in posting more or trading if the interest is there. My wifey inebriated and asleep...

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    Dont get any kinky ideas just cause I'm naked with farm animals, Im not that type of female. Albeit I did think it was cool to take these shots by the cows. my pics hope you like...

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    Nude Sand - Beautiful Blonde Lezzies

    I had so much joy looking at Naturists and contris last year. :)) These were taken about a month ago when I came back from a brief tour. Once again glad to contribute to the greatest site in the world broad world.

    February 2018 18:54:12

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    Hidden cam flick - blonde stunner on strand

    Hi, We are Indian duo in USA, just thought of doing this for joy. We love your site and posting. This is our very first attempt, I'm so lucky to have her in my life, she is the sweetest one! We may post more... waiting to hear your responses... Love.

    February 2018 7:14:33

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    Plage is a good place to meet hot latina

    Hi everyone !:) Sorry it's been a while since we posted. We hate to let so much time go by inbetween posts, and we indeed miss all you nice people and your comments . We've been a bit active, but had a little travel, and you know how motel rooms and cameras go together :)

    February 2018 10:2:3


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