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    42, married boy, and just goofin off I guess...love comments and like to reply. Also, if you live in the midwest and are looking for a 3rd for your 3some...give me a shout! Ex Mistress...

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    Hi,everyone there...tis is my latest photos for that taken by my fren...juz giv me sum directives n plz vote me...thanx a lot...Good day everyone...=* 46 year old wifey....

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    I'd like to send out a enormous hug and moist smooch to everyone that replied on my last contri. Of course i'd love to here more.... It makes me humid :) Marie - My wifey...

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    Wifey catching some rays early in the spring. Please be nice with your comments because she don't deserve the bad ones. A wonderful wifey and mom. dglblondewife@gmail.com...

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    Hi, This summer was hot here... So we had hump outdoor with my hubby, Chris. A friend did this shot. I hope you'll love. Wanna see more ? Go to my adress shown just below. Saturday Afternoon Joy....

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    My Gf Icha - My GF and I determined to contribute to this site after lengthy time watching. Hope you guys like it. Any comments welcome to help us contribute more for the next set. Thanks that was effortless...

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    Hump on the Strand by snahbrandy

    Howdy Everyone, I've been a "lurker" here for fairly a few months now, and determined, after emailing some of the dolls with sites who post here, to do a site of my own. Here are some of the very first pics I've taken... if you like what you see, don't be afraid to post a message. Smooches, Chantal

    October 2018 8:12:12

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    Nude Strand - Towheaded Skinny Rail & Blowage

    Here is my very first contri to Naturists. I have been a member for Two yrs. but just got a digital, finally!!! Ladies tell me what you think. If there are any ladies from the south florida/miami area let me know........

    October 2018 22:41:51

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    Lovelies getting crazy at playa side

    The Captain came home from work and I met him at the door in a sexy sundress ready to play. I commenced to unwrap him down and next thing you know my sundress was off and I was dancing in his t-shirt and tie while he was snapping pictures. Hope you like, let me know.

    October 2018 1:48:53


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