• Voyeurism

    Thanks for all the nice comments. We're off to the Dom Rep for vacation so won't be posting for a while; but we plan to take lots of pics.... Thank you for viewing!...

  • Exhbitionism

    Howdy loves, my hubby had me pose with my black boa on, dam it sensed so good with all the soft feathers touching my soft labia, love all the photos there just for you! Smooches Ashley ;) Scraping an itch...

  • Amateur

    I would like to introduce the world to my beautiful wifey. She was a little timid about doing this so please leave her nice comments. If you can't say anything nice, please don't say anything. I need your comments...

  • Public

    Had some handcuffs for a while and thought they might make for an interesting prop in fresh shoot. We both liked them...hope you do to! just some fresh pic's...

  • Nude

    PART Three. Someone sent me a message wondering what "MILF" meant. Well it got me thinking. We need to do some educational work here on Naturists. DEEP AND Raw...

  • Topless

    This face-to-face position which permits you to look into each other's eyes. It also permits the fucking partners to stimulate the breasts and makes for supreme smooching. finish vulva jizz...

  • Girls

    wife's fantasy is to be taken by a stranger after an erotic rubdown in a motel. we are looking for that stranger and fulfill her fantasy. Fucking pati...

  • Teens

    Hey everybody, here are a few pics of GF Michelle. We had alot of joy taking these, hope you love them. This is our 2nd contribution. Thanks for all of the positive comments on the very first one. Under table shot......

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    Andie Valentino solo on Hawaiian playa

    Here is the rest of the set from when we went to the park. We stopped to play in the playground. Another duo spotted us and stopped to see. They did not join in....sorry. Love to get comments from all of you......

    November 2018 24:37:28

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    Jizzing in chains at the playa - total version

    Thanks to everyone who left comments on Bridget's last pictures. You know how to make this 50 year old mom sense like a kid again. These are just a few pictures we took last autumn. Hope you all love them.

    November 2018 2:13:56

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    lovely big tits on spy web cam strand

    Hi my name is Bebe, I live on a farm and love to work with my tractor. There is nothing like working outside in the nude. My paramour, Randy, shot these of me while doing this earlier this summer. I hope you love these. If you do, and would like to see more, leave me your email address.

    November 2018 22:48:20


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