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    It all embarked when I took the pic in the mirror. Sent it to my hubby and asked, "do you like my fresh shoes"? Well this is what happened when he got home! Shots from the streets...

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    1ere Exhibition d'Alexandra Je vous pr sente ma femme Alexandra, petite femelle soumise et sans tabou. Elle n'a pas confiance en elle et attends vos commentaires et id es pour d'autres photos" A hard-on will doodle do...

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    I was recently at a soiree when the subject went to what we wear for underwear. The ladies couldn't believe that i wore thongs/g-strings. They also couldn't believe that I was clean shaven. Wife's very first contribution...

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    Here more Pics from Eve in Fishnets! always looking for people to trade pics! - Hallo, hier wieder mehr Fotos von Evelin! Wenn Ihr Fervor auf Tausch habt, meldet Euch! Self taken pictures...

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    Misc pictures of my 52 year old sexy wifey. we love all the past comments and appreciate those who like women who still look hot at this age Aie que calor !...

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    German Damsel. If there a positiv statements, she will send you other nice pics. Hallo, wer hat Zeal auf gemeinsame Shootings mit diesem Girl? Wer gibt ihr eine gute Bewertung? Hi to all,...

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    unclothe at the sand (xednorton)

    It is six and seven years and two kids after my earlier posting. I appreciate your comments on that one - at least most of them. Still can't showcase my face - same reason - family and my job. For those of you who doubted that I am doing this myself - well, it is my bounty to my hubby ( and he loves it ).

    July 2018 22:26:3

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    candid strand pubes shot 144,, phat cootchie

    I took a lot of pictures on Bourbon Street in Fresh Orleans. I picked out the best. I hope that you love because I had joy taking them. Sorry for the blur but I dont want to discourage this type of behavior.

    July 2018 14:25:33

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    Bitch providing footjob on the beach-black toes.

    TwisterChick's Very first Conformity We were bored, so had a root thru the old board games - and found a game which was ideal for rooting! We’d like to be considered for the Monthly Newcomer prize. Much oblige

    July 2018 15:8:54


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    beachball end pantyhose videoHer tits are nice but "extremely large"? Don't think so....

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    Wrote mysexass

    Beautiful,,,,,Please post more

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    Wrote SinSai

    Superb, Xona! We're a sportive duo of 33 (me) and 36(hubby), both sleek hairless and uber-cute. We'd like to send you some of our best pics, only for your pleasure (we don't have enough courage to share with the world, like you) Here you have our

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    B and C

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    like the movie, witnessing her all wet...great!

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    Your wifey has an adorable pucker. yummy!

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    I guess they don't mind you taking their pictures.

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    beachball end pantyhose videoall gear is from koalaswim.comi have a collection too.see my RcR post dated 11.12.10

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    After I got done buring my face in that sweet bald twat I would have to fuck you lengthy and hard. Damn you are fine and eyeing you totally nude is a total turn on. Hope to see more in RC.

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    We have a fresh winner !!The worst contribution ever.

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    Hmmm..Looks like you need some tenuous surgical proceedure. Good luck and post again after you're healed up

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    let her grow her pubic hair back......

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    What a fantastic assets you have, super sexy in the fishnets.....more please

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    Homely,Tramp Tat,won't do well modeling.Got that Chelsea Cinton thing goin on.

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    What a SEXY 'old broad' - voted Superb! Hope to see lots more! RLT11256@hotmail.com

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    awesome again...thanks li

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    a arch over shot

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    Be AFRAID...Be VERY AFRAID.....Looks like she could punch all our ass's...!

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    Awesome pics! But next time attempt to leave a little more to the imagination.

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    Are you fucking kidding me? On a scale of 1 to Ten, she's a 15. Fine assets, sexy as hell, and I LOVE the freckles.

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    Be proud of your body,all the haters just jerked off hard to your pictures.

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    Hallo Maria!Schoene Bilder von so richtig geilen Haengetitten. Das gefaellt. Wenn Du mal Zeit fuer uns haettest, melde Dich doch mal!STefan

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    No9 was breathtaking, send more briefly.

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    I can't see enough to confirm that Rosa is a native Yankee - but I sure can confirm that she is a Goddess! Booooya!

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    Voted superb, nothing less would begin to do justice to this sexy Asian hotty. LOVE her slender figure, her sweet little sexy bootie, her gorgeous little blowable kissable lickable tits and nips, and would love to see more of that sexy cootchie with her silky black Asian hair covering the heaven inbetween her gams. Hope you are up for posting more, I am dying to see! Thanks, landscape.arch@yahoo.com

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    Very nice. Beautiful woman. Asian women are the best, I don't date any others.

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    Is dit alles!!!!!!Ik heb anders genoeg bloot gezien vorige week zat en zon .????Maar foto,s maken ho maar !!!! hahahaha

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