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    keep up the good work, these are pics of my GF. Just desired to display off what is mine. Keep my email off. people tell me what you think. Thanks can't recall her name!...

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    Once again here is Ivana in a sexy skimpy monokinio she bought to contest in a swimsuit contest.. I am sure she will be getting some votes.. dont you? Very first post...

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    Hi All, She loves being blinded and I love tying her up. This revved into a lengthy photo shoot because I couldn't stop taking advantage of her situation. Beautiful Apple...

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    WOW!!! I was truly affected by all the fine comments I received from my last contri. Thank you very much. My man just happened to see it, and he said he got kind of revved on by the comments too. karlalindapa.blogspot.mx...

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    She believes in the principles of sound mind, figure and soul. But this weekend she preferred the principles of hot foot, sound booty. ELA E SO MINHA...

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    Here is a mix of some last photos from that series. I have picked several... and I think you may like them. Next week will post pics from a fresh hot series :) Pics of me .......

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    Spycam movie - bare-breasted stunner on naturist strand

    Picked several photos from the series that can be suitable for RC. Simply my nymph was not doing anyhting "special" and most pics showed up to be erotic :) Hope you like them and afterwards will post more from other series... a little bit sexier ;)

    June 2018 13:22:29

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    Wifey getting fucked on playa 1 - Ben

    here are the pics of him......same story as with my pics, we got toasted and went to the park to take pics. this is the very first time i was the photographer so the pics may not be the greatest, but i'm sure i'll get finer. ok ladies, tell me what you think of my man.......

    June 2018 2:51:58

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    me an wifey wanking on sand not maspalomas

    the last time I published my wife's fotos on Naturists she got truly revved on, so I determined to attempt it again. I love it when she puts on some sexy underwear and she loves - finer put, she gets indeed moist - when I take some pictuers of her before we DO IT, jejeje.

    June 2018 21:47:59


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    Wrote bionce

    would love to eat your cotton candy baby and your asshole if you like that too

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    Wrote roscoe8x6

    What washed up to shore? Throw it back!

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    Wrote laslow2006

    you have the greatest "HAT" combination on the internet....no joke. I certainly would not lie to you.Now you must be wondering what "HAT" means.....Email me and I'll tell you :)

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    Would love to join in and give you my rating after my own private practice. 5.5 seems kind of low. I'm sure I can help raise that! Cajunmudbug@charter.net

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    Wrote mr_john_s

    apologize Four the bad spelling on the 1st comment you have me flustered

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    Wrote willboch

    I think you have a lady that LOVES to play, you are very lucky, More please !!!!!

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    That is one beautiful asset you have there. I have a sensing your face is just as beautiful. More please

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    That's a weapon of mass destruction. The US have gone to war for less!!!!!!

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    Wrote crompton

    WD, even with that panty on, that bum of yours is still worthy of some serious munching.

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    If I spunked every time you posted my dick would fall off. And I'd still be smiling. Thanks Doll

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    was the room that cold, or you that revved on. love those hard puffies. woudl love to see you in RC, or nicer yet HC

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    Gorgeous!Loved her ass! Wanna see more!Wanna exchange pics?flitzer14@hotmail.com

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    My truck next.

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    Wrote ilikehairy

    Gotta hear the entire story. Did the conversation with Sis lead to the pix? Did Sis know what was going on? Did the pix lead to anything else? Inquiring minds need to know.

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    the pic of her sans bra in jeans sent my stream flying. thanks.

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    fine bod, pretty face. didnt care for the photos.

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    might be posed, but who carespix of naked women playing w/ each others' tits on the plage is a fine way to embark the day

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    Wrote sweetbayag

    Your utter length photos are SUPERB!

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    come back when the chicks in chile use the metro sans clothes...

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    Wrote laddict

    I'm indeed hoping that those aren't scars around the edges of those nips. Truly hoping...

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    why wear the mini-skirt unless your were covering your middle because it wasn't your asset. You very likely made that persons day!

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    n-joy ur self 4-ever and ever,fuck the critics!!!

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    Wrote pifpafplouf

    Need to see some good shots before I vote. Did not see anything special but an bootie.

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    Yo Sherwoody forest!your lighting too far off ladys figure is wonderful LOVE her meaty mound, tits too attempt a bran panty post next time !

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    Actually, I agree with your wife!

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    Wrote Batman13

    this is by far one of the top Ten worst posts i have seen! very first u dont wear pantihose up to your tits.. 2nd - what is the point? the pics are far away and so "g" rated they could be in the jc penney catalog. this post most certainly belongs

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    Wrote belgianlynx

    Can we assume there are more to come with less clothing on? She photo's beautifully

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    Wrote steve_wank

    Damn !! just gotta love that plump-mounded cunt and those big titties !

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