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    Never posted last year's photos. I only have Two contris worth that I would consider good enough for this very discerning audience. no story. just pics!...

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    Wow! Guess I got a lot of comments on the last post so you guys deserve more. Here you are per your requests. Thank you for all the nice words. Requests always considered. I like see throughs....

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    Female with nice donk walking on Euro sand Two

    This is just another excellent night with a horny romp friend of mine. We enoy the site, and have attempted to post before, but had some problems. Hopefully you will find these acceptable. We will attempt to fulfill requests in the future.

    November 2018 22:10:1

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    Three French Lesbos Have Joy On The Sand M27

    Thanks for our last well received shoot titled "Femme, Garters, Stockings, Shoes". We have done a duo of shoots since last posting. I believe my wifey makes for an excellent model. She loves to pose for nude "art" photography and i love to shoot. We love positive feedback and will post more briefly.

    November 2018 6:32:34

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    Hook-up on a strand. All ladies do it!!

    I would like to have a vote - did you like me boobies BEFORE my surgery or AFTER I got my implants. I know I am exposing myself to ridicule by many (those who don't like boobies jobs and those who don't like smallish boobs!), but I want to know what you think!

    November 2018 2:4:58


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    Wrote bill60mc

    IMO, you should have spent your money on a nose job instead of a jug job, but that's just me.

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    Wrote BlueEyes78

    nothing sexier than a finely trimmed kitty kat. super sexy ladyzulu.man67@yahoo.com

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    a female from Jersy and a bowling ball ?You can only get three frigs in a bowling ball .... hayuck hayuck hayuck

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    Nice bod! :-) Please keep sharing at whatever level you're convenient with! 99.9% of us appreciate it greatly! :-)

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    nice vids !!!

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    excellent lips

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    Makes me want to find out what it senses like 8" inside!

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    flash us the beaver -get your forearms out of the way-please you are the bomb-if you do this -i bet my life you will get awesome replies

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    Wrote cemertu

    beautiful damsel - more of anita please maybe a bit naughtyier though? - charlie

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    Superb photo's! bluev52

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    Must be Canadaian that a tims cup.

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    This woman is so sexy she truly knows how to suck manstick and her posing is incredible!!!

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    I noticed the window blind open in the background. Is the place behind you for sale? I want to live there. (Smiling)Lovely,,, Thanks for posting

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    I thought she was lovely and I hope she will be more bold in the future. Any chance she could wear hose pipe and stilettos next time????

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    MORE of that DELICIOUS Culo and Hips

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    You look like a good slab of milky meat set out in the sun. Not very appealing, and then you get a stupid tat....like that will help.

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    Very sexy - that sun sunburn may come back to bite you - hope not

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    Donna, you are a sweet and hot lady. (are you sure you're 42???...

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