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    This is my very first contri. My hubby was away on biz so I thought I would send him a little something to keep him entertained................ jism n njoy...

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    *Cr Ming'S Facial cumshot - Hi Guys, My spouse and I appreciated all the superb comments on my last contri. Many aficionados wrote in and said they wished to see me take a facial cumshot. For those who requested it, this contri is for you!

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    another naturist on a hot summer day

    Warning! Photos below are of a woman over 60 years old and her face is blocked because we do not want our children or grandchildren to know how we play. If you've seen earlier posts, you know what to hope. For those who have left positive comments in the past, we hope you also love these!

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    wifey truly luved all the comments left from 1st contri.she answered all that left an address.she was very excited to post again and has bugged me nonstop to post again.more good comments will bring more posts, hope you love and thanks again. macdaddy

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