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    Kate, Wifey loves to unclothe and pose for the camera. Not too bad for a 45yo...do you agree? If good comments received I'll post more! Hi ello...!...

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    Hi all, I'm on my back waiting for my hubby too unload on to my tits....... then I'll caress it in............. I hope you love. Visit my Naturists Home Page: http://fans.Nudists.com/dtdw Luv the lengthy nite proceeds...

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    I reveal you here a part of my proximity, there you find out a part of my room. But notably you can find out my armchair notably designed for the "very" hot moments with my playmates. Last sommer pics....

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    At 49 she still has a nice assets and loves posing for the camera and showcasing the pink. I've dreamed to share her in a MMF threesome and she is considering it right now. My Ex Wifey - my ex...

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    I went to see a friend in NYC and thought it would be excellent to do a photo shoot on the rooftop of her building. It was a supreme evening for it! Wifey at It no email prayers...

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    More pictures from our Southwest vacation. We loved corresponding to the individuals and couples who left comments and e-mail addresses. Me and my wifey having hookup...

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    HOT FUCK #166 Naturist Playa Resort with a Stunner

    We are a youthful duo that loves taking pictures! While we are both amateurs, we are striving to add a bit of professionalism to our photos. We would love to hear from you, and look forward to reacting to any comments. Anything you would like to see?

    March 2018 16:15:17

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    The Nine to Five thing is truly getting old. All these "stuffed shirts" walking around jockeying for position and attempting to amaze others. Wouldn't it be joy to get a little insight into the real person in the office next door? Well here's a little peek. Pls blur face.

    March 2018 4:55:37

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    Horny tits - playa hidden cam flick

    these photos were taken by my bf over the last few months. some out shopping and some with his bike. If there are anygirls in the SoCal area that would like to pose with me leave me a comment with your email.

    March 2018 22:35:58


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    Hot stuff and almost makes one want to sell footwear. Good pubic hair, trimmed and neat but more than the little nymph look. Hope you keep posting. Sexy!

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    Superb pictures. You are both very photogenic. We are very struck with your work.

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    Gorgeous Woman. Hope to see more in future posts.

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    beautiful nymph, but the photographer needs to work a little firmer.

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    Excellent bod and fabulous legs! And I love your pubic hair as well!

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    Love the places you're displaying. Miss all those places. Do some at MB by Hamel's....

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    Why in the world would you want to trim that ??? That's a beauty just as it is. Why look like a little doll ?

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    Hi Fortywife,

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    Superb, Leone & Tamara! We admire your work. We're a married duo of 33(me) and 37(hubby), both slick clean-shaved and lovely. We'd like send you some of our best pics, please only for your private pleasure,'cause we have both public works (I am teacher an

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    Oh yeah....loving her alot.

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    It doesn't matter where you take the photos, as lengthy as you are in them they will be awesome. That figure is the figure of many fantasies!

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    I love that Pink assets stocking! Where did you get that? Need to get the wifey one

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    Damn Sam I will eat green eggs and ham for Sam... Smokin hot... :) iagwssb@gmail.com

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    hate to break this to ya mate - but i don't think that is her!

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