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    D - Her Picks - Thanks so much for the fine comments! Here are a few of my dearest pics. We'll be taking some fresh ones soon! -D Just the usual...

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    divya is here once again taking bath, which she likes a lot. today we have also posted her flick at homeclips. love. yes any bod interested in pics and movie interchange, leave rubdown. one more upskirt...

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    I have submitted my softer pics on VW. But for the real joy I have submitted my joy side to flash all the BBW paramours a good time can be. an evening with Mia...

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    My friend Kat and I determined to do a photoshoot with her black soiree sundress after we got back to my place from a hot soiree, where we were playing around and ripped a fuck hole in her pantyhose. Special damsel i met...

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    Sty loves running around in this little number with high-heeled slippers and no panties...just drives me crazy....please leave nice comments and don't leave behind to vote... Introduced for cleaning....

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    Nic and I haven't posted for awhile so we determined to do a rushed shoot in the bedroom the other day to post and keep the contri's cum-ing. More joy in sofa....

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    Nude Strand - Side Fuck & Finger-tickling

    these werw taken Christmas morning she honestly did not have a clue I could not believe she stayed I her dressing gown so lengthy it took me ages to get them she is 31 and has a gorgeous figure I have more if response is good

    November 2018 23:54:50

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    Nude Sand wifey fuck the bulls!

    These photo's are of my wifey, she's pregnant(a duo of weeks). She has no clue that I'm sending these photos.I would like to hear some comments and if there good maybe just maybe I'll let her in on this..I have a ton of photos just too explicit for here!! .

    November 2018 7:2:56

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    Dark-haired woman with nice tits on plage

    This is the rest of my wild office photos. The ones I couldn't showcase on Naturists. Sometimes we play around during lunch when everyone is away. More than one time have we almost gotten caught! But what joy would it be if there were not just a little danger! Your Princess

    November 2018 10:20:47


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    Wrote fun_n_da_

    You don't know how much pleasure you have brought me over the time you have posted on RC's. kara, you're the Hotie!gwayne4u2@yahoo.com

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    Wrote chubbyfan1

    I would be glad to munch you..would love to see you spread your legs..leonardljf@aol.com

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    Wrote skylab99666

    That has GOT to be the largest joy button I have EVER seen !

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    luv her socks!

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    You are so right.... Maria is a gorgeous woman with a poundable bod with tremendous tastey boobies and a cock-squeezing (apears to be) suoer cunt. Excellent fucing material. John

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    Hi Jo, would you please suck mine? LOL Was that prettily enough? Truly pretty girl!

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    Wrote viperpilot

    Bandaids? Are you kidding me?

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    Wrote Pgaston

    Gee, another of those, "I know you are but what am I?!" responses from "Someone." Is that the best you can do? No, you fucktard, the difference inbetween us (well . . . excluding my far greater intelligence, sexual practice, maturity, and the fact that I've evolved to the point where my knuckles don't haul on the ground) is that I fail to see a reason to bash any woman on this site. You don't like what you see, hit "next" and budge the fuck on. But for reasons that I believe are demonstrable . . . your latent homosexuality, your pitiful life, and your bitterness at life in general as you are obviously unfulfilled in everything you do . . . you choose to ridicule and manhandle women on an inexperienced adult site who have done nothing to you. People like you s

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    Wrote ivva

    Pic #10 was the best. I love those lips dangling down and wish that I could suck them for hours!!!

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    Wrote lars_vn

    You have a delightful collection of delicious kinks and contours Sassy...and they all look very inviting.

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    And she smokes on top of that. A real winner.

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    Excellent erotic and artistic pic. Love every thing have posted.

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    Loved it! Please send more shortly x

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    blonde naturist daughterI'D .LOVE TO SLIP MY Jizz-shotgun IN YOUR Booty BABY, Particularly AFTER I ATE IT

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    Thought vw had tonnage limits? lol

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    blonde naturist daughtermmm i do drlongstroke@live.com

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    well, beaver to mouth is one thing, BUT... nonetheless more than a mouthful-she must LOVE is when you're buried in her....

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    fantastic now thats a finer set of photos, love to see that labia close up sans the playthings, if you would like to send some photos direct you will get my good comments

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    Very nice, at least you didn't showcase their faces.

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    I hope the last one too...

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    Get that nasty 'roid zapped. Damn girl!By the way, that's not wine..it's fermented garbage.

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    Yes! Very nice pair of dolls, Honey!

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    A little past the "sell-by-date"

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    Please flash your beautiful figure on erotic flicks. Dance naked strip?? Thanks and Please

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    Wrote subtony2

    Nice woman taking a knobby manstick from behind. What a nice way to pass time.

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    Holy moley!!!

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    Good pics!! Would love to seee her sucking that enormous dick.

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    My man loves how humid I get looking at the dick on RC.He's not as hard or hairy as you. How about mailing a jizz shot to me at clydesider500@aol.com and we'll fuck like mad

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    hum...cute, nice figure and figure which got me all excited. Trust me if you were my wifey would want to get inwards you all days :) Love to see more of your naked figure at apsajith@hotmail.com and want to know if you have plans to visit India ?

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    Like it? I voted those fine cheeks Superb. Got me throbing hard! :)

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