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    Love your site. Here are a few of my dark haired wifey Lynne for your Private Pictues page. Quality is not fine. Taken with a Polaroid and scanned on older Arcus scanner. Love to hear some comments. JL no story,just boobs!...

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    You can find more about them in a thread open in the general BB forum and in the link to my VW drawings page that is there and in the comments. I hope you will enjoy!...

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    I am truly glad with the way some off the photos came out actually.. I just hope all you guys out there think so too..Let me know please..!! Aspettiamo commenti...

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    Hi Nudists! I love your site and have been a member for the past two years. Thought I should submit a few pics of my own. Keep up the excellent work. Wifey on my friend...

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