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    It took me some coaxing but finaly last year my wifey has let me take pictures of her. This is a digest of various sessions. Love pics outside...

  • Sand

    on a main motor-way we did not realise that the truckers knew what we were up to till they flashed there lights and tooted ther horns Las vegas window shots....

  • Outdor

    Ultimately had a weekend alone with the wifey. had a superb time as you can most likely tell! The wifey just gets sexier and nicer as time goes by. Looking forward to many more hot years together. early one morning...

  • Daughter

    I like to sundress up when I soiree with friends. Looking forward to reading everyones comments, be nice and I'll post some more! Sara x My lovely wifey...

  • Plage

    I recently needed to paint my palace and needed some help. So I called labor force and they sent me a fine painter. She was beautiful and did a good job. please post in NIPThanks andPDPMEM Shooting in progress...

  • Voyeur

    We just bought a digital camera and she couldn't wait to attempt it out. This is her very first time on camera but I'm sure it won't be the last. Look my bod...

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    sexy mummy jiggly big tits walking on sand

    Our very first of many to 'cum'. We choose to call our collection (Private Fantasies). This very first one is of my gf luving one of our larger playthings. You can hear her pleasure, and her pitch go up when it is pulled out.

    October 2018 12:45:46

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    Fledgling duo fuck on a rocky sand

    Thank you so much for all of your positive comments! (Over 600 on last post) I am still amazed! Keeping in line with our Proud State, we hope you love our take on the Yellow Rose of Texas. Proceed to leave your requests as I am getting over my shyness somewhat & am loving sharing with you.

    October 2018 17:43:55

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    SWEET Mummy Plage Bang-out 02 - JP SPL

    I wished to flash her off on here. Just a few of her hot tits. she doesnt think anyone wants to see them but I think they are awesome. Please give her good comments and maybe she will let me post more!! Please dont leave behind to vote!

    October 2018 1:46:47


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    Wrote fakkiu

    I think that Black Marble would have worked nicer on the Kitchen sides TBH

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    Wrote divedog1960

    What's the overlay tattoo? very fledgling. Attempt facebook.

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    Wrote publicstu

    Thanks Four the sweet hormy comments....2morrow pics of me finger-tickling on the public beach!!!u know the movie!!:-) We keep posting!!!

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    Wrote amiba_99

    OMG you have some of the best tits ever !!! What size are your big beauties ??? Smokin hot assets too !!! ohmy---@Hotmail.com to see my lengthy and thickness :)

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    Wrote D_I


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    Wrote goodengli

    That is a beautiful vulva and vagina. superb!

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    Wrote qmony

    they are amazing love the clothing my wifey loves flashing to love to converse nctrans1@optonline.net

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    Wrote hdw3d

    sexy gams with brilliant footwear. I want to munch you all over your figure

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    Wrote hotwife4blk

    Like to help you with that plaything Laura and soap your tits back and caboose for you. dave_fun@hotmail.com

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    Wrote jackf50

    I wanna eat ur booty and twat so bad, u have a beautiful bum and pull ur undies to the side and display ur labia. I joined playground so I could see more of sexy feet too. I will eat ur sexy feet so good they look so delicious, I know they smell like heaven and taste so sweet. Please demonstrate more of ur sexy feet and butt I'm hard now looking at u

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    Wrote Grayhawk

    awesome bod. awesome forms. would like to see your snatch

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    Wrote akwiesla

    pas de nu total?

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    Wrote zurdo20

    HOT assets. Too many caboose shots however, and not enough tit pics.

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    Wrote publicpeep

    SUPERB Titties, I hope you gave more pictures of you Boobies stripped to the waist.

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    Wrote milf_lover

    Rudimentaire dans la mise en scA?ne, mais spectaculaire dans le rA©sultat !Et que dire du modA?le ?? Superbe ! La perruque est-elle obligatoire, cependant ?...Chris.

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    Wrote NordPorn

    Ho Hum !Another reason the USA should have used the A bomb on Germany !!!

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    Wrote DRAKKKAR

    Sexy-Sexy-Sexy! Would love to get my lips on your hot little vagina. voted superb

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    Wrote petedehe

    Hi Sexy ErikaYou have very hot asswant to showcase me smth else?nm20041211@yahoo.co.uk

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    Wrote rapster123

    uber-cute. thanks for sharing

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    Wrote fifiper

    What an bum and what a snatch. I'll bet the face is pretty too

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    Wrote felixmuc

    fit women lucky dick

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    Wrote hrkrause

    Supreme superb shots...that 2nd shot of you, sukcing your man, is absolutely one of the best ever! Thanks...I hope you'll proceed to post. Love undergarments shots -- the simpler and more "regular" clothes the nicer. But whatever you do will be

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    Wrote teribus

    You look very appetising in the last few pics, what were you wanting us to immagine? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmEmail me to see ?

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    Wrote jogman4

    what a cutie! does she take it up the ass?

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    Wrote carina-sw

    wownice T & Alove to pound your vulva

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    Wrote dablioesse

    what gorgeous and sexy pix

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    Wrote Heymanheeey

    Amazing bod

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    Wrote uncutlvr37

    Fine show: loved to have been there....

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    Wrote gelbooru

    lets see some close up of pretty pierced beaver

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    Wrote althaeer

    chicks on playaDisappointingly no piss

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    Wrote suckafree69

    chicks on plagesure i won't tell the hubby our little secret, just post it all over the web lol

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    Wrote ClitFlicker

    hot body! Nice bush! Supreme breasts send me other pics thanx tonio1102@yahoo.it

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    Wrote druski30

    As I said in the last post...beautiful, utter of life, sexy and sensuous! good breasts and nips, awesome baby bump, and crimson hair to top it off...just scrumptious in every way! Thanks...you are the latest addition to my growing file of preggie beauties (over 1900 pics and counting). please post more...and to you bashers who cannot appreciate the beauty of pregnancy...BUZZ OFF and look elsewhere.

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    Wrote blackoutm

    Lucky, lucky Pearls. I'd love to ease them to one side and slip my tongue inwards you.

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    Wrote ghostride

    You should of kept walking

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    Wrote lunek61

    HA? Brasil bom demais.

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    Wrote jilolacute

    chicks on strandjoy indeed!

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    Wrote RedMoose

    Well what can say , good looking woman , stiff arse nice tits a figure looks to be in good form , look to be 30 y/o , figure looks superb but I love what's in side coming from heart , that's what I need TLC don't need flick like touch what I want t

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    Sara, always a dearest, looks like a hot dish of chilli, I have 8" to share with you and hubby, I am a hair pie paramour

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    A truly super amature suggesting.

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    I see nothing sexy here.

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    She looks a bit....well Powerful duty.

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    please let me gobble it just 30 min in your count and 30 min in your butt , thanks post more please

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    Unusual colours, how old are these pictures?

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    chicks on sandI have voted superb..i am a 29 bisexual female and absolutely adore your looks and style..Your awesome grey underwear is absolutely stunning; i have a giant fetish for undergarments myselfi would like more of you every waysloveash

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    Wrote alohakona

    isn't that what us women are truly for? To give our all to a boy's pleasure? i know i sense that way as a married lady.

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    Wrote bugsbunyxxx

    Put a pecker up her cootchie.

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    Wrote BetwHerLegs

    I love her pictures. Mary's figure is wonderful.

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    Wrote nakkihiiri

    Oh, her name is....FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY!!!!!

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    Möchte gerne noch mehr sehen :-))

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    I Love it Sweetheart your absolutely Delicious.Email me(55)Baby and I'll flash you what I'm pawing for you....unkprowler@yahoo.com

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    Rica flaquita!

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    DUDE SHE IS NOT HOT-- She is way above that.. your a lucky banger. Please demonstrate more..

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    best nips ever showcase us more please

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    this movie truly SUCKS!!!!

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