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    Got a random man off the street to take our picture and Sandman couldn't fight back pulling my top down. I think it made the camera mans day. Screen Capture...

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    With my spouses pantyhose fetish, he loved watching me tearing them off me. He didn't mind adding a helping palm once in a while. Just Love my Assets....

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    Hi guys and gals! Its been sometime since I last posted. Just some "tame" posings for your viewing pleasure. Hope you like them. In the Keys...

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    A bit of poolside refreshment in a little Wicked Weasel number taken on our latest vacation. We hope the pictures are popular and bring a smile or two. Have joy everybody. xx Hi there.......

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    Ecco qualche foto fatta per il mio e, spero, vostro divertimento. Se davvero vi son piaciute, fatemi sapere, ve ne preparo altre. Ricordate comunque che nella vita bisogna divertirsi! draping out with hubby...

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    My Sexy Wifey - is she sexy or not. she is now ready to showcase herself at this wonderfull site.and she may exchange pictures with nice couples. Interview goes Good!...

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    Always desired to sense the sun on my skin. Ultimately coaxed the Mr. to take the pictures and to let me post them. Hope you like them. Zumba sexercise before......

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    We had these taken a few years ago in a studio for us to love. Rachel has determined she would like to share them. Hope you like. Wifey keeping clean...

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    Esta e a minha primeira participacao. Sou umv isitante habitual deste site e apenas vejo material detinado a homens, porque nao para as mulheres, que sao o que de melhor existe sobre a terra? Por favor estas fotos destinam-se apenas para mulheres, paneleiros abstenham-se (fags out). Obrigado (thanks)

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