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    I stumbled across these and thought I'd share them. No real story. Just taken over the years with an early model digital camera. Random pix...

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    As some of you know it's almost winter here in the US and a chilly one at that, so we determined that we would stay warm and cozy by the light of the afternoon sun. Milky damsel...

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    Hitomi Tanaka - Threesome on Playa - M27

    Haven't posted in a while but am back now. These are some bath pics taken not so lengthy ago. As you can see in a duo of these I am ready for a penis. Just after these were taken Mark flashed up and we fucked. Got pics of that too. Will post briefly. Smooches, Traci.

    October 2018 4:51:37

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    Candid Plage - Brazilian Girls1

    I live in a diminutive village and… very glad for those nymphs who are able to take excellent EIP photos in large cities where they live. I can not do this because I live far from the city ............ But I still love to have joy on the streets of my village!

    October 2018 18:18:30

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    Spycam shows dolls switching at playa

    I have made many good friends in my life, and I have a fine group of "special" friends. These are some random pictures of me with my special friends, both guys and damsels (and both at the same time!). I hope you like looking at them as much as I liked being in them!

    October 2018 15:7:21


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