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    The sun was shining....so off came the clothes....hope you like the pics...if you do please leave a note...sorry if it offends anyone!!!! I love to eat them...

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    I'm Back!! Some were taking inwards and some taking outside in the snow. My nips are so hard!! Please leave good comments we are getting back into taking pictures again!!!! Pink Faux-cock in Lexa's Box...

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    Dutch Girl- 36 y/o wifey and mom. Last week she revved 36. I bought her a fresh bathing suit and a fucktoy. The latter she may demonstrate on VW in the near future if comments are positive. Walking on the plage....

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    My fucking wifey is sexy as hell, she loves Two give me a good demonstrating for the camera. You would never know it but she is a fine caboose over 40 sexy machine! oh well .......

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    Very first Contri Of My Princess These pictures have been taken since 2001....i got much more but this is our very first contri just to see if you like.... Smooches ! ;-)...

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    The black and milky highlight shadows and forms of model and the domestic environment is suitable for playing so sexy, doing background gams, kinks and big breasts. more pics of my friend...

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    Was just out at the lake and determined to have hubby snap a few shots. I am also interested in what the women think. I am Bisexual courious. Thanks. Have Joy....

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    In touch with nature, my soul relaxes in a way that makes me perceive free and liberated. Nature and time are brilliant and so I'm I. Please love what we love most... Large Faux-cock...

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    My beautiful wives very first time posting. she thinks she doesnt look good anymore after our kid came along. attempting to persuade her otherwise. tell us what you think Very beautiful Layla nude...

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    Flying Fox Getting A Cab - Last time you witnessed me I was attempting to hail a cab to the airport and to draw attention I had just taken my top off. Well, here I am still waiting. Prime foto...

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  • Pellentesque sollicitudin iaculis gravida
    Smallish Tit Bitch providing a Blowage at the Plage

    Can you believe it's been almost a year since I last submitted some photo's? Wow! I sure missed everyone! Hope you all love these pictures. We sure liked taking them. Keep your eyes open for photos of Raci and me together.

    October 2018 18:8:29

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    Candid Strand - Selected Panty Women

    Hi Heres some shots of my wifey who is also a very sexy nurse.By the way its true what they say about nurses she is always up for fucky-fucky and most of her nurse friends are also very keen on sex.Hope you like them

    October 2018 3:53:8

  • Pellentesque sollicitudin iaculis gravida
    Thai Stunner with Two Guys on the Plage

    No big story here, just thought I would contribute since i look at everyone elses contri's every day. I am interested in meeting couples or single females in the massachusetts area so leave an email on the BB if you want to hook up

    October 2018 22:7:59


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    Wrote jrvalet

    I want to jism to your palace for the weekend. That,s a hot sexy caboose Michele!

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    Wrote anrhalfnh

    to die for nips

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    Wrote LoriGarcia

    Bonjour, un plaisir de voir une si belle francaise qui s est vraiment nous faire plaisir par ses photos; CONTINUEZ. Bonnes fêtes en esperant pouvoir participer un jour a une de vos sceances...stefnoto@aol.com

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    Wrote nickman_1

    Love those cherry crimson toes. Please showcase us some of you barefoot. And with your toes spread open.

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    Wrote h0tty

    LOVE the last pic!!!! relgnet3@yahoo.com

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    Wrote octoputer77

    very nasty bitch

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    Worst photos ever. Did you met Mr. Gillette?

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    You need to get gorgeous Mary back in your sofa again soon!!

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    family young nudismGorgeous figure!I do love watching you stretch.More please.

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    nice and youthfull. supreme sets of tits of both of them.

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    Years afterward some kid will be sayin "Hey thats my mom up there, what a slut"

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    Please tell me that cunt hair is soft! Hmmm....great sexy body...more pictures please.

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    One more senseless weirdo showcase.

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    Don't blame youShe has a very nice set of tits

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    whats wrong with her tit? and most boys dicks look that puny when not hard

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    Many thanks for including the pic of her French manicured toes. Lovely set she has and the piercings are fine. She has very pretty feet, and it looks like she has a nice looking twat as well. A closer look maybe? Tiger.Damen@gmail.com

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    smells like a tuna boat

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    Supreme assets love to see more brad.budgell@yahoo.ca

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    I'd pump that pussy.....I'd slurp it very first tho'

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    Do you realize how much of a hoe you look when you take on these guys? You look like a total bitch. Damn that is so fucking HOT. I love bitches, love women who are self certain enough to take on more than one stud at a time. Awesome lady, awesome contr

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    Wrote samurai1999

    You are gorgeous..sensually tasteful poses..you must be a very sexy woman!!! would love to hear what you have to say about the shoot

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    What a beauty, hope we get to see more!

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    Wrote raypilates

    where's the line?

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    Dear Parkie,

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    family youthfull naturismNice, wish I could get my wifey to do this. Send some more with more of her, thank you, ja262626@yahoo.com

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    I'm Somebody lol ;) Sweet and Tasty :)

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    Gotta showcase us more of "the twins"...we know they're gorgeous, and it never hurts to give a "friendly" reminder.

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    Wrote Lara_80_80

    Sorry, I am not fascinated with big tits...BORING!!!!!

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    What a sexy sundress for someone with a fantastic assets. How about providing it to someone that has one?

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    Awesome ! Ideal hair pie !

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    VERY SEXY!!! jddawson_1969@yahoo.com

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    all the more reason never to purchase a 2nd forearm computer."Hello, Service Department? This keyboard isn't working right."

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    family youthfull naturismGulf Shores is close to Pensacola right? We've done some sand flashing there ourselves :-) heading down in Two weeks, might get some winter flashing done, and just maybe we might drive up to Gulf Shores and check it out. Is it crowded this time of year? I think anywhere on the gulf is beautiful most likely Ginger, you should attempt it :-) your wifey is truly gorgeous by the way :-)

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    good pics , superb Snatch !!

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    family youthfull naturismThe Last Photo.... Nice serious boner material.

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    Sign me up, Astrid... Please sign me up!!!

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    Excellent. Many thanks for posting one of my favourite scenes. I particularly like the wifey. Is that Ildico? I only knew this was on some Spycam gauze I spotted ages ago. @Bambiefan Thanks.

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