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    She lacks confidence and needs your support! Please leave comments. Make requests, and we'd love to hear what you'd do with her! Simply thus...

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    thanks for the supreme response on the prvious prego boobie shots, here are some more form the same gauze we did - this time with lean-over shots that were asked for last time! A little teaser...

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    Bubbles and Pal have had most of the weekend to play. And did we take advantage of it! This contribution is for you Jim! Hope you love it as much as we did taking the pictures. Wif'es Beautiful Tits...

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    Here are some pics of Liz in her newset corset. If you like them please let us know and vote for them. We have lots more if these are well received. Specially for gams paramours...

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    Jerry, I sent these a few days ago, but no response. Please post. "37 year old wifey looks 20" Eventually talked my wifey into using her fresh digital camera. Taking these pictures made her so horny she is ready to do it again. Slew of votes from you'all will get her motivated for the next round of photos.

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