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    Glad Holidays From Maria - We thought you might love some holiday photos in front of the Christmas Tree. Positive feedback will lead to more contributions. Here is some more, love...

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    Went shopping, brought home this hooter-sling and panty set with all of you in mind. Want to share the results!!! Love I love reading your thoughts Knead a dub dun baby...

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    My neighbor came over for a late night treat and I received more than I bargained for.... she is a hot 32 year old California sand doll with a bod like a barbie doll.... cant get enough...

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    Hi. We are very fresh to this. This is only our 2nd contri. We would welcome any tips and suggestions. These were taken at a popular picnic resort near our building. Love SnA jemand Passion zu tauschen?...

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    Dopo una mattinata in giro per la citta, ci siamo messi decisamente in liberta. La tentazione di fare ancora qualche foto era troppo forte! Chissa se apprezzerete questo ulteriore set fotografico.Ciao various of the gf...

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    On the very first picture, and from left to right you can see the protagonists of out story: Maca, Lymar, Marta, Mari and Rosa de Madrid, all friends from "Escandalo Publico". Nice to play with them...

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    Russian Doll - Three - Hi Everybody, it's Eva! I hope you love the fishnet apparel. I purchased it peculiarly for Naturists because I thought you guys might like it. Let me know what you think! Hiking on a hot day...

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    Wifey Home Alone - got a canon rebel digital for christmas, thought we would have joy with it. hope you love, there will be more if you do. Afternoon hot...

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    Quivers was such a good doll this year Santa..AKA Duffy, made sure she got all the playthings she desired. and ho ho ho did she like playing with them No coments!...

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    My wifey and I having some joy :) We are actively looking for a duo or single female to have some joy with us. We live in the Ny area. A handful..........

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    Not much of a story here. Shes timid and and afraid of rejection. so heres a very first time post that'll hopefully help jiggle some of the shyness. flashing its interior...

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    This is definately an alliance, and don't leave behind, it's almost that time of month where we introduce a fresh asian woman to VW and RC. This just so happens to be my day to send in my contribution to the group. I hope you enjoy! =)

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    I was so excited by all your comments,they made me so horny!!!!!! I wish I could of had a duo of you guys and ladies to join in with us!!!! any way, keep up with comments and I'll keep up with pics! please do not demonstrate my email address.

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    These are from the film camera days. Couldn't preview or review shots, we got what we got. She was fairly timid and reluctant to demonstrate her twat, but I snuck a few anyway. When picking up the prints, we had a smartass note from the developer on how to avoid crimson eye. LOL!

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