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    Hi I'm dutches and i love to unwrap naked for all kinds of people!! Not only studs I also love taking it off for the women. Dutches Blessed Hubby!...

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    comments for both of us welcomed (NO losers, please!). we have hundreds of pictures we'd like to share so please leave your comments and suggestions. Hi everyone.......

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    Thanks to the genuine viewers of Naturists for nice comments following Electras's very first contri (thats what it's all about). Here is a little bit more of of that photo session. Hope you enjoy! plaything and real...

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    These are photos of my beautiful wifey of the past 16 years. We've taken alot of photos the past several years and would love to share if the comments are positive. Thanks what a bitch...

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    Stcl - 3rd Mfm Threesome Hi, all! We just sent our invitations to the circle-jerk to all those that left us email addresses. This was our 3rd MFM session, as promised. We hope you enjoy! Little play...

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    Horny Wifey From Vienna she is 43 and was sooooo horny last weekend. she came almost by playing herself and was betting for a nice fuck.. more winter pics...

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    I made fresh friends this day. The milky van slammed on his cracks to attempt and get a finer look. He looped back around and I gave him a little show! :) another from b4 summer...

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    Nice stunner naked and playing on the strand

    I'm back for my 2nd contri here, hope everyone likes it! To the only one that I know will see this - you're the best & I always appreciate your energy & humor! xoxo To any other couples/single swingers in the Chicago area, let's talk!

    November 2018 3:53:43

  • Pellentesque sollicitudin iaculis gravida

    One of my nymphs is a admirer of the Atlanta Hawks. I bet her a inhale job that they would be swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers...silly female. I think she knew she would lose just so she could suck man rod. Lucky me. Love.

    November 2018 13:57:5

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    Youthfull duo making fucky-fucky on the strand

    On my vacation to Florida I finaly found out how to operate on a crowded plage. This was one hot chick. See-through on the clothed section of the public strand. Unspoiled exibitionism. Camera on high speed automatic repetative mode and just walk by.

    November 2018 8:38:52


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    You were too lazy to post this in the "What I Almost Saw" section.

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