• Outdor

    I travel a lot....And, I love to stay in different hotels, where I have soooooooo much fun!!! Maybe I'm in your city right now?? what a assets...

  • Suntan

    I Was in Los Angeles for a week lengthy biz journey and got bored. It's raunchy taking pictures of your self. Any females/couples interested in helping next time? An afternoon's joy...

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    I just get a punch out of posing nude for my friends. I attempted once and it indeed revved me on. Now I have a site on http://erotic.Nudists.com/christy/ and I just love it. Check it out guys. I need it so bad....

  • Nudity

    all of us born nude. then who said all sexy clothes are only for women? im not bisexual and dad of three. but only i like to sundress up these stuffs. my prego boobs!!...

  • Suntan

    Thought I would give it a attempt, seems like everybody wants to post nowadays. All comments welcome. Plur blur any face shots or tattoos. Thanks. PDPMEA October under the sun...

  • Real

    Hi VW_Team. There are so many lovely comments about my very first contri, so i will send you some more pics from the old castle. Hope you love them. Smooches a few pictures of my ex...

  • Teen

    I posted the original shots of her in her fresh boulder-holder and panty set and had a lot of people asking to see her minus the bra.......so here goes! no story just comments...

  • Plage

    This wonderful swan with me is very nice. I like to flash what happened that day, he stayed there to play with me for a lengthy time. Love the pics and merry christmas! Ciao. in vacation...

  • Nudists

    You ask for some caboose shots so we aim to please........What do ya think of the shorts....More good comments we bring more pics........Love and kisses!!! XOXOX Angela D...

  • Plage

    Alanna doing one of her beloved things - sucking man sausage. She gargles her friend's dick while her hubby witnesses from a comfy stool nearby. Will...do i look hot????...

  • Amateur

    Greetings, Here are pictures of my little demon wifey on one of our bang-out outings. She is utterly sexy and a real exhibitionist! Please send comments if you want more... Regards, on the cold May playa...

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    Fag Antique 50's - Ed Wooly, On the Sand

    Carrie By The Sea - Howdy, Well this was our very first outdoor shoot of the year, and yes it was very cold as you can see by the goose bumps on Carrie. It also did a supreme job on those perky nips of hers. Well we sure hope you all like these. Thanks For Taking A Look!!!

    October 2018 14:26:20

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    Blonde bi-atch analized on the plage

    Calise loves her assets as much as I do. She is such a good sport she let me photo her within minutes of waking up and still is as hot. So good votes and comments mean the best of the best will be next post...most likely on RC

    October 2018 21:24:20

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    teenager duo caught on the plage

    Hubbywife: Little Crimson Corsette (Pt 2) - Ultimately had the chance to post Part Two of our Little Crimson Corsette series (The very first part posted way back on July 25th), back when the comments section went haywire. Hope this time goes smoother! :) As always, thanks to Kate and team, and all of our friends in the CBB.

    October 2018 15:3:45


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    Wrote wintersun99

    Hideous faux tits owners, piss off.

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    Wrote spock03

    Were there ANY women there shoing their tits or anything? Lots of bamboo and one boney female, that's it???????

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    Wrote frankyboyo

    nappy headed ho

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    Wrote motornut1

    All your pictures series are very voluptuous and sexy. Very nice.

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    Beautiful, you remind me of my very first love.....

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    Wrote xdaypayday

    I can almost hear the Music--"That's what friends are for"

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    alexxia, you're hot as always. love the shot with the undies on your finger! so hot. the last one, that shows your total lips got me hard! thankssteve

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    Beautiful set of tit's. I would love to see more pic's of her in activity.

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