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    Bonjour mes amis! voici ma deuxieme contri. ?Saludos amigos! este es mi segundo envio. I loved the comment from my 1st contri (I?m 55 yo). Here some more. I hope you like them too! Laying Aroun...

  • Voyeur

    Happened to come across an old movie in black and milky and thought it would be neat to do some shots the same way. Hope you enjoy! ESTA CHICA ESTA MUY BUENA...

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    I get horny in the evening sunbathing totally nude in our garden, so we have lovemaking almost every day outdoors. I like to rail my man Jizz inwards me!...

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    these are for the W&W compo, so if you gonna comment that there are too little, leave behind these and have a look at my other contri's! Blessed Fresh Year !!...

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    Sexy Evenings With Photocam Part Three (Old Ones) This is some kind of our archive... some time before our very first contri at vw. We determined to share our recolletions. Love witnessing them an vote for us! Four. It's me loving you....

  • All ages

    After a little wooing, she agreed to do some candid shots on the hallway. Not that it was crowded, but the perceiving of being so exposed (and the fear of being lock out our room) made our hearts rush! All for you...

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    Hi Kate, Please dont post E mail add. This is my G/F very first time les. She had a ball and wants more, I hope to get more and nicer pics next time. Yours Playful Jane...

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    Thanks for the good comments. Those who don't like Fantasy Jamboree pictures please don't waste your time on the comments just don't look at the pictures. No wonder the elf smiles...

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    Howdy VW friends!! Do you understand why tourists like PARIS? It's always surprising to walk along the Seine Sea, in summer. Thanks a lot for all your comments and E-Mails! Ciao Amiratori,...

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    Coppia Torino C'e qualche coppia che vuole fare amicizia e qualcosa di più e che abiti nei dintorni di Torino? non ci interessano singoli e scambio foto 1st time in RC...

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    My wifey and I are fresh to this entire sharing on the web thing, but it excites us enough to see where it leads. We have pics and flicks taken over the years but these are our very first postings on the web. Hopefully, this will work out and be a lot of joy if we meet a few folks from these postings.

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