• Teen

    Pollyanna's First!! We stopped at this little inn just for the purpose of taking some sexy, erotic photos. These are just the very first shots... Let me know what you think, and maybe I'll submit more! just me strocking my man rod...

  • Exbitionist

    This is the shoot from the Dam and in the sea. When we got there we had Two wait for a bunch of people to leave and at the end of the pictures a little old lady came by walking her dog.. Mi polla tiesa...

  • First Time

    *ML Humid Humid and All Fuckholes Exposed OK there are ladies in the living room and whores in the bedroom the best is the one who can be both....We did it everyway possible.....Paying attention? Vote Super Just following orders....

  • Topless

    My last two contris were in clothing so.........it was time for nude. This was a joy night and ended in sensing indeed good. Ciao, Laila e voi che ne pensate ?...

  • Pictures


  • Photos

    Stupid name I know, this is not a sells pitch. I just wnat to say thank you to those of you that bought my DVD. It means more then you know. Lisa X0X0 Side View during a Rubdown...

  • Amateur

    I have received sooo many wonderful comments from you guys for my past contributions. I jsut desired to take a moment and express my gratitude. THANKS! XOXO Marie Pictures of Eve...

  • All ages

    This is my HOT Lady who LOVES being Tied UP and Eyes covered. We talk about having another Man or two to please her sans knowing who he is. VOTE HIGH and MORE WILL CUM!!! Likes man rod inbetween them...

  • Plage

    Dee was posted many times on VW but this is the very first for RC. Thought we'd begin with something mild for our introduction. Mac Jester and Jenster....

  • Beach

    I love the sense of these soft undies against my sleek skin...who will like to come and gobble right thru them?? or should I pull them aside? PLease converse with me...

  • Family

    This is our very first post... We'd indeed like to know what people out there think about the butterfly (I think it's the most beautiful thing in the world). More to come if the response is good! In Your Face...

  • Nudists

    Als der Regen aufhoerte, brauchte Nina ihren Regenmantel nicht mehr. Es dauerte nicht lange, da bewegte sie sich frei ganz nackt unter den Bauemen. My flawless subordinated...

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    Nice Shemale Takes a Walk on the Playa

    *Cu ~ Paige On Ice - Hey Everyone, Hope you love my "cool" ice cube contri for the contest. Had joy doing this for you, except I kept sliding off the ice blocks! lol.. But that's what makes it joy. So come vote for me and leave me a comment;) Luv Ya...~Paige on Ice~

    October 2018 24:52:55

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    naomi1 footjob and handjob on a playa

    Back For More Jizz - Hi guys and galls couldnt stay away love to think you out there wanking over me have had some superb vids back need many more. All messages replied to be as sexy as you like but if you dont like what you see just stir on Love sue xxx

    October 2018 17:30:8

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    Christie DOA Nude at Plage Flick

    What a lonely boring Saturday afternoon. I was sensing a lil frolic, and desired to be a tad of a showcase off. So here are the pics that came of it all! I had fairly a joy time, just havinng the camera in front of me revved me on enough to make me cum....mmmm.and was it ever good!

    October 2018 12:27:45


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    hard on the beachLooks like you were taking photos of her hours apart at a playa that looks North.

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    Oh my god...that is AWFUL! RC - Please block this fellow from submitting any more contri's!!!

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    hard on the sandNice breasts lets get a good look at all the other joy parts keep posting for us. gr8gift4u@yahoo.com

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    OH BOY!!! A peek of Nip and Almost a Cameltoe!!! YIPPEE!!!!!

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    Too bad you didn't get a pic of the lady with her back to the camera in picture Five. Mom looks good too, tho'. (Grandma in opening pix, not so much, but still a good contribution...) Thanks!

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    I have been waiting for the follow-up shots, supreme stuff. One suggestion, pull away a bit so we can see more of their figures. I'd love to do either one and my lady loves the photographers pose at the end. I want to do her. Please send us more of bot

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