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    We had a lot of joy that morning as you can tell from this post and the preceding ones. It was the ideal weekend. The only thing missing ... was you! Monica lives to suck Dick....

  • Suntan

    hi there ..these are some fotos we took during our vacation this year...if the respont is good there r many more to come.....have joy ps name model irin..... location is greece Have a good time...

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    Hubby dreamed to work on his boat (we can't wait to get pictures on the water), but it was raining, so we screwed, instead. Hope you like the pics! sie euch gefallen...

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    Cami - Gold Glitter - Hi everyone!!! I recently got this very pretty gold glittery shawl, so naturally I dreamed to get some pictures taken with it for VW! :) Hope you like them... XOXOXO, Cami Knocked up Chania....

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    After leaving the lake area, we headed east in the direction of Pinckneyville and ran across a diminutive train yard. I'm guessing it may have been part of Peabody Coal Company? About to lie down...

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    Thanks for all the excellent comments on my two latest submissions. Continuing with the early sessions here are three photos from a good shoot we did outdoors on a patio when I was about Nineteen wanna fuck her arse !!!...

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    Hi all! These atre some pics of my gf Lisa. She was a bit timid at very first, but as we went along she truly got into it. If there is a good response she might do more, so c'mon! Private pics? leave email...

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    Took a little time for myself one afternoon. Brought a few playthings to help with the venture. Hope you have as much joy watching me as I had pleasing myself!!!! Smooches, everywhere!...

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    Russian Grannies on the beach! Amateur!

    Howdy Kate, here are some more pictures of my beautiful wifey taking a bath,she loved all the comments on the bb ,its inspired her to take many more .keep the comments spunking , and the pictures are sure to go after .She loves to pose any requests ?

    October 2018 10:32:46

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    Exquisite Beauty-High High-heeled slippers Beach-Softcore

    I've just come back from a holiday on the plage. I thought I'd have some joy while on the plage. Here's some shots that shows you how much joy i was having. i think the other people on the playa were having joy too!

    October 2018 4:7:55

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    (kalkgitkumdaoyna)beach voyeurs

    Just some of the many shots I've taken of my wifey with my cellphone when she was unaware she was displaying soo much lol ...Hope the comments are not too fierce because I'd like to post some more of her ...i've got 100"s

    October 2018 15:30:20


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    No worries Halmud, I will see out for inflatable rafts while you're away

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    those are sorry blurry pics. what the fuck were you thinking?

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