• Beach

    Fresh out of the bathroom. This is my very first contribution. I will give more if I receive positive responses from females or couples that need a gay-for-pay masculine. Do you reminisce of me?...

  • Hot

    Hi Kate and team, We loved hot summer in spain and the delicious games we toyed. We hope people like them, we did. Gives some comments if you truly want it. A friends wifey...

  • First Time

    Ive been looking at your web site every day for a month or so, my wifey determined to suprise me and at work and sent me a picture she took with our fresh quick web cam. Here it is and hope you like it... COLAZO BIG Arse...

  • Teens

    So after Ashlee and I fooled around, we were a little hot and sweaty - what finer way to clean off than a Three person bubble bath! 45 yo Sexy Sira

  • Daughter

    I camp my car at the Kristal club camp place from Mamaia. I see in the very first day a ladies with a big teets and i spy this damsels. I love her figure, do you ?...

  • Photos

    *Mi Playa Condo Mirrors - Not much to this just some joy while in the room before going to the strand hope everyone likes. We sure did. Donk rubdown...

  • Teens

    Eventually got around to taking some shots the other night after a few drinks!! She has been timid but just recently began opening up...in more ways then one ;) Fat woman that I fucked...

  • Close Up

    wir spielen manchmal ein paar spiele. heute war die camera dabei hinterla?t bekommt einbild von uns. tauschen ware auch super. schone feuchte gru?e aus austria sabine und bono I was arround them....

  • Teen

    My bf was home alone one night and very bored so he took a few photo's of himself for me and we determined we'd send them in to see what u think. His jizz-shotgun tastes so good. durant une longue soir e...

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    theSandfly Horny Sand Behaviour!

    We had a good time with some whipped testicle tonic. My woman is a fairly bashful 35+ year old but once we get behind closed doors she turns into a fucky-fucky maniac. I just can't get enough of her. Hope you like the pics, if the voting is good we'll send more. Please no email post...

    November 2018 18:43:6

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    superb oral pleasure on a naturist plage

    Berlin - Csd - All In Public - we are very open minded here in berlin - as you could see in my contris before..this took place on last saturday, chritopher street day in berlin is not only gay...far not..hehehe...i met this duo, they came from NY..nice to get touched by americans...!...and so on...

    November 2018 8:53:23

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    HAIRY HOTTIE'S ORAL Lovemaking ON THE Strand

    Some shots of me in the setting sun. Thank you bf for doing this for me! He said that it would be hard to display personality and style from only one view point. Well, what do you guys think, did I prove him wrong?

    November 2018 9:44:49


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    Wrote kewldudes

    Beautiful!! The music is a fine touch, seems very fitting for Victoria. We love her!! Please, send more. 1daat@cox.net

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    Wrote courteous

    Dam Ormi those sure are some nice undies. I want to get some for my woman maybe she will look as good as you HA!! HA!!

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    Another myth busted LOL

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    Wrote bijimdwt

    Let me disabuse a few of you that think these were taken in the 70's or from some magazine...they were neither, these were shot Ten years ago when my wifey was in her early 40's, the photos are a bit scratchy because the negatives (theese are scanned images) were not decently taken care of. All that being said, due to the majority of the positive comments more will be posted, in color.perhaps even an RC movie or two.

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    Wrote bud01456

    does someone know big tits dolls name? and at the begginning of the clip waht languages the women speaking someone if u understand this language can write here pls thank you ?

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    lovely profile...sexy pics :):)

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    How about turning her around now?

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    why don't you zoom out a bit, next time. Too much detail, bro!

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    Clearly "boxerporn" is confused . . . lightly understood, as he's clearly never had a woman. (Note that he's just another one of the clowns bashing women here who has never posted a picture of a woman to this site to establish the fact he has something better.) So to explain, this is called a naked woman . . . W-O-M-A-N. Considering you named yourself after porno involving sweaty guys, you most likely require clarification.

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    I thought of something nice to say about halfway thru this subordination. By the time I got to the end I was rendered speechless.

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    Nice, but why only Three pics?

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    need to mow the lawn(really)

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    Bravo! I love panty pictorials. Pls post more baby!

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    DAMN!!!! Lynn is truly fucking HOT!!!!! Can't wait to see more of this gorgeous lady in act.

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    Don't smile it's creepy when you do.

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    A duo of things... 1) Your thick boxy bod wasn't pretty but there was a sexyness to it. 2) Whatever you have been eating stop it cause you've ballooned and whatever sexyness there was is lengthy gone 3) Are you permanently high, have a retarded cameraman and photo selection process or just take a bad pic MOST of the time? Your best asset has been and is peculiarly now that you are a chunker are your gorgeous eyes and you ruin eash photo with that GOD AWFUL look on your face!. Geez, you would think someone might have told you this before.

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