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    This Sunday morning I woke up fairly sexually aroused and determined to play. I was fairly blessed with the VW community's comments on my very first post, notably love hearing from women. nice view here...

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    Here are some pictures taken out on the town with tons of people around. It made my wifey very horny. She likes for people to see naked... i love suck...

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    Hi Kate, Asher and all. This is another mixture of different nymphs from different towns. As before, I noted on each picture the town where it was taken. terrace bum...

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    Just another hot day in Sunny Day - and outside for a little R&R - and then one thing lead to another. Then got busted by my neighbor! So what is an older lady to do? danger of being seen,...

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    when I commence a work I like to finish it well...I hope you 'll be satisfacted enough...I send you my best wishes and I promise I will be back...love,Nat!! Wife's excellent culo...

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    I love being naked outside. We found this beautiful spot on our summer vacation...off came the clothes and out came the camera :) Playfull sunbathing...

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    More assorted pics of my wifey. If there's something specific anyone would like to see, we'd be glad to give it a "shot". hairy vagina...

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    Female with nice bum walking on Euro strand Trio

    I met Starr on the internet. She's 22 and instantaneously knocked my socks off. 4'11" and 95 lbs of sexual energy, we hit it off instantly. Here are some pics from my very first visit with her, where we spent a weekend in a motel room, and I left a very blessed man...

    September 2018 21:19:53

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    Plage again with SandrotheBest

    A lengthy time vistor and member of VWeb and RC, I determined it was time to put forward a contri of my own. Photography is a hobby of mine and I appreciate a beautiful woman with supreme kinks. If you like this, perhaps I will submit more.

    September 2018 13:45:23

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    boy spreading bum on nude plage

    Dark Kandi loves visiting VW and Crimson Clouds. I ultimately talked her into posting some photos of a latest visit to Virginia. She loves to taunt and will go as far as getting off folks she goes out with. No intercourse.....just her amazing mouth. She loves to hear them bellow while they are lovin’ her many talents.

    September 2018 16:4:51


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    Now what was that telling about "inflatable rafts"?

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    Did you used to be a man? Sorta built like one.

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    Not only is Renee breathtakingly beautiful, but "PG" is one of the best photographers ever to post in this site.

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    Hey, partydude60606, all your comment does is prove you're indeed g@y. Those of us who like women hardly noticed the man in the picture. We were too active looking at the NAKED FEMALE!

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    good morning! Hope you all enjoy))))))))))))

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    Lada you are Absolutely Gorgeous ! About as close as one can come to perfection. I'd love to make your acquaintance in a park near you ? Thanks for the post ...

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    "VacQUEERo," rather than ask why I read the comments bashing women, you should be asking why you perceive such an overpowering need to WRITE them. This is obviously due to some weakness in your character. As to "Fancy Pants," he's a total clueless clod. The purpose of this site is NOT to see brilliant models. If those are what you desire, go to one of those pro sites. But this site is geared toward those of us who truly appreciate REAL women.

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    please give us more of your beauty

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    For christ sake leave the zoom alone and stable yourself next time

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    Hey Colleen, Do you have a Strap On ? You are One Hot Sensuous Lady, Yummm!

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    Maybe ONE good picture out of a paltry Three. Why bother? Or is it VW spreading out too few photos?

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