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    *Gg Jan And Natalie Sofa Joy Trio This is the last part of Natalie and me on the sofa .. as you can see it's my turn to take charge. Love Jan xxx Our sundress up nights...

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    25 Year old blonde wifey from UK, 34dd. Loves comments and monitors. Please send monitor pics to and I will come back some custom-made shots. Please be graphic and dirty in your reply Mhmhmhm......

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    This waitress did more than just serve me food. I asked her if she wished to string up out after she got off of work and this is what happened that evening. More and more......

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    Just Fly - Hi. We back after lengthy break. Please love our fresh shoots. If you like them we'll post more fresh pix. Regards to all of you and thanks in advance for nice comments :-) Taking a good look...

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    Went for a bike rail sans pantys and posed for a few nude shots along the road. Nice comments only and If you recognize me say thanks when you see me. My wifes culo II...

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    As much as we miss watching some of our favorites: ie. Brown-haired, Aussie Jewel, Crazy Nikki, Nikki, Brandi, Ruthie, Sexy suz and so many more... See ya afterwards....

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    I love the sense of the warm water tingling against my freshly clean-shaven vagina lips, like a thousand tongues begging for my taste!!!! that seems to black...

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    youthful bra-less teeen on mallorca sand

    Howdy once again... After being thrown into the icy innards of a cold winter evening, we determined to fever ourselves up a little... Taking pictures was joy, but what came after indeed sizzled the blood... Hugs and Smooches

    January 2018 5:7:15

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    Jokey report on brasilian naturist plage

    I have my thumbs so far into my beaver here that it was making my eyes roll to the back of my head. These pics capture the moment the best. Can you tell? I hope that ypu love and again, please write to me, I read every comment. Byr paramours. Smooches Summergirl

    January 2018 7:59:34

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    japanese threesome on the playa

    Hi Kate, Blue, the rest of the VW team, and all of you VW admirers out there! Love the pics! Vera Wild will love reading your comments and appreciates your vote. Hope to hear from you soon! Keep up the good work Hugs and smooches, Vera Wild

    January 2018 13:44:54


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    Wrote polishpun

    Need a worshiper?

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    Wrote nadiastev

    Excellent taste....***** all the way

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    outstanding, so very sexy we sure hope there's more...

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    Very Erotic Photos?????? EPIC - F A I L !

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    Looks like good cunt.

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    So pretty, awesome tits.

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    why do you think I paid over $600 for this flippin camera just to use the auto mode? that's like having a hundred fifty thousand dollar Ferrari and only running it in 2nd gear!! using auto mode I may as well have purchased an old point and shoot camera which I already have and not worrying about capability to be artistic. Fool!!!!

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    Wrote dazinboli

    that was a waste of space

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    Wrote toms_

    Very nice swimsuit. Would have been even nicer raw. Oh well. I like the effect of the squished-up titty in pic Four (or was it 3?). Wish you had spared us the shot of this lovely, slender (I agree, not "skinny") lady drinking urine. Thanks, tho. Overall, a very nice series.

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    Wrote johnsinma

    Hi Nina, Superb to see you. Ummmmm I mean truly excellent to see you. hehe!

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    Nice Pussy! But I shoot a Diamond

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    Wrote pacomertela

    So, on one of your contri's you said she was your mate's wifey and you'd stolen the pictures. Now you say she's your ex. The tattoos look the same. What's up with that?

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    Wrote Dutchjen

    Are you kidding me? SMall??? they may not be big, but unless you're Three feet tall those don't look petite. Absolutely ideal form, and I request MORE

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    Wrote asmod3l

    I wish there was a way to vote Extra Superb!!! This Canadian fellow thinks you're Un-Fuckin-Believable. A Brilliant Hard Ten. Mmmmm what province are you from Scrumptious? k30000127s@yahoo.com ......wanna chat?

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    Wrote Cretine

    Pictures #7 & 8 are excellent. Keep up the good work.

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    Fantastique vous-êtes Veronique!

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    naturist blogsI would like the same questions answered...where and what is it called??? danielpeggy7@yahoo.com

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    naturist blogsAs always, superb, and fucking sexy. ShesGot34Ds@aol.com

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    Perfect! Barebacked and prego in no time I suspect!

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    In English, I choose the naked dude from yesterday.

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    Totally lame ... Disneyland can do nicer let alone the fact as stated above ... this is a nude site. What part of that do you get confused about.

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    Mature naked women are by far the beast!!

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    What did you do to your tits????? Your bod looks 80, but it looks like you pump up your tits with a bike pump. Hideous, sorry.

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    Very sexy woman...More pix!!!

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    nice bod but

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    naturist blogsciao angelina!

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    Wrote shagger

    oh dear lordie....wish i could have observed that one.

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    Wrote MILF_Puss

    Loving pics Four and 5..great hair, beautiful eyes, dynamite curves..you're a beautiful woman..adzisz@yahoo.com

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    naturist blogsLet MY forearms be your hooter-sling, beautiful. Then your palms would be free for . . . uh . . . other things! Fine set from a hot woman. Thanks!

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    naturist blogsAnother example of someone just wasting their time ... and ours.

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    naturist blogsDamn Cat your as beautiful as ever.You look more like a woman to me.I just love your clean-shaved kitty, bet it purrs real good.You are gorgeous from top to bottom.Speaking of bottom that's one awesome booty you have there.You're a sexy,beautiful woman so

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    you looks super in the silver high heel sandals please can you send more how you pose in this sandals boots

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    Ripe...very ripe!Definately ovulating...be careful

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    Hottie2, what beautiful nipples! Dam they are two of the BEST I have ever seen>)Thank you for sharing your SUPERBbody with us.You are TOPS in my book.bluev52

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    voted very good, she has a hot assets for an older woman.

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