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    My uber-cute but unfaithful gf. She went to school for a few months and fucked some junior stud. I'm providing her another chance. Hi all loyal fans!...

  • Sand

    Not many comments or votes from my last set of pictures. Here is a fresh set. Hope you like and hope the comments are slew and good. Natural 43...

  • Video

    Howdy to all ~ Here's another set of photo's after a lengthy hard day @ work ~ Working in the legal field can be so tense, but so REWARDING ~ She's the best!...

  • Voyeur

    Thanks again for all the comments last time round. Sorry, but we have been a bit engaged and not managed to get much more uploaded, but we are back on the case now. me may 11th of this year...

  • Beach

    I have a beautiful gf who likes to fuck and suck me off. When she's not around, I masturbate off while thinking of her big tits and jiggly cunt. hear we go again...

  • All ages

    I think there is no need to wear any clothes in the palace. Is there any single female out in the world thinks same? If yes, leave a comment with email. I will answer! I love my playthings...

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  • Pellentesque sollicitudin iaculis gravida
    Two good friends love the plage

    we were invited to some friend mansion for a mardi gras theme soiree, pleasant evening with some truly cool apparels, however we didnt take our camera, so here's a few from when we got back to our motel room. As usual all love. Bad comments dont bother. LoL to all.

    June 2018 12:31:26

  • Pellentesque sollicitudin iaculis gravida
    FKK Cap D'Agde Sand Fuck with Jizz in Wifey

    Just a set of pictures I took one afternoon, no special story. I'm still learning, so I'm sure there will be more to ensue. Pssssst, by the way, I wouldnt mind finding a discreet female to do girl/girl pics, hehehee, just had to throw that in semi calmly, lol.

    June 2018 16:8:9

  • Pellentesque sollicitudin iaculis gravida
    under seebridge on the beach.mp4

    Raven liked your comments on her very first contri. Sorry, she couldn't write back. She's pretty engaged these days. These are some shots we took a while back of Raven in her sexy spring sundress. Hope you love them. We'll have some more latest shots shortly.

    June 2018 18:35:43


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    Wrote Susanna69

    naturist mpegsNot bad, got off some good shots. As far as zoom lens goes, the larger the more conspicuos. I use a Vivitar 75-205MM lens on a Minolta X-700 & an XG-1, ya old school. But very conspicuos excellent pix tho'. But with some zoom lens you liberate clarity. It&

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    Wrote Danny7618

    lengthy live nijjer jash

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    Wrote BigDickDo

    i coulD havE donE withouT thE lasT onE

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    Wrote kmcar

    Did u let her out of the cellar after she let u take these pics looks like she's funked to death

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    Wrote SM-Mfucker

    More than likely a fairly good fuck...

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    Wrote hl72


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    Wrote bandjoe

    I have been with a squirter only once... will never leave behind it the best perceiving of accomplishment I ever had

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    Wrote Culoamo

    smokin hott assets but NO FACE indeed took a lot away from this!!!

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    Wrote bigclcatfan

    Did you marry the local whore? Good going. There will always be a "friend".Or a bunch of them.

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    Wrote rolllana

    Your contributions get more titillating and Sweet Cherry gets more erotic with each obedience. It looks as tho you both love yourselves and it's a pleasure to share the moments with you....Superb

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    Wrote D_Ivanov

    Good pics with umbrella. Please do more. You are way sexy.

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    Wrote peepboy23

    Yes - very sweet. A lovely warm smile.

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    Wrote sadafkhan

    OK LLW, How about you wrap those Lengthy Gams around my head so I can taste the sweetness I've been watching all day!!!

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    Wrote finger26

    thanks again ..those were awesome. that looks like one fine sweet, cock-squeezing pussy,please don't stop because of ass holes that are lonely and bored of themselves that they have to rip on others.

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    Wrote Hulk8888

    Thanks Ray Bone for your nice comment . More comming shortly

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    Wrote Leomano

    loved pic Five, i could just imagine standing in front of you and coming all over them

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    Wrote avmldo2006

    unattractive vapid ass- sorry dude!!

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    Wrote Tuor

    I'd fuck her if u let me

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    Wrote peraltinh

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    Wrote Biggles11

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    Your puffies have officially become my faves of all time!! Mmmm !!!! Photodude492001@yahoo.com

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    Wrote kloenz

    naturist mpegsAbsolutely gorgeous. E-mail me: asequeira28@yahoo.com

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    Wrote gr8chef

    And I like rubber rings too.

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    Wrote micheal_n

    Strand ? Where is the playa ? I see only rocky coast !

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    Wrote tabuloswi

    the old "I lost a bet" excuse.

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    Wrote unbray

    You are one hot woman. You do not look much over 40 and I cannot believe how sexy your gams are. The look on your face pleasing yourself speaks for itself how revved on you are. You also must love providing your man pleasure because it shows in the pics.

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    Wrote pornohannes

    I'd never want to go home, if you worked in my office!

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    Wrote Justshaved

    Ten starlets smile and ur assets personality now it's time to get a little kinky

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    Wrote guyoly

    naturist mpegsNo comments. WTF that is some pretty edible pussy!

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    Wrote popo84

    wha? you took these in 1980?

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    Wrote wolfsblut56

    what's this?

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    Wrote atallblac

    That water isn't staying cold for lengthy with that hot stunner in it! Fine tits, excellent ass...and I love the tat!

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    Wrote fatbastar

    omg im in love w/u wow you are absolutly beyond perfection pls reply to my e mail dc380sl@aol.com i thank you

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    Wrote kruegerly

    naturist mpegsI gave you SUPERB on pubic hair alone... nice!

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    Wrote pauzudu

    Very nice pics....if you not have anything nice to say..Shut the fuck up!

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    Wrote spy2013xxx

    gravely, 51? that's amazing.

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    Wrote doejay32

    wtf and where tf is fantasyfest?Looks more like MORONfest.

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    Wrote fitter420

    Lousy! Why post if you are going to hide your identity? Is it some kind of thrill? Hope that you see this before the editors delete it.

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    Wrote elfriedel

    good looking damsel and very hot bod. plse post more or mail to fa976131@skynet.be

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    More Bum, less Art

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    I'd like to jack off to you!

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    Wrote comadrejar

    Names of girls?

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    Wrote ladigo

    Did you truly need that knocker job?

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    Wrote biglar66

    WOOD!!!!! We need more pixs!

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    Wrote DOGGERS

    I would rather have the hair over her face than a blob. Thank goodness she uncovered her lovely figure. She should know she is among friends who appreciate her looks.

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    Wrote Ibjorker

    I bet you can suck a golf ball thru a garden hose...!!!

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    Wrote ilovelasv

    Just imagine attempting to see up your mini-skirt and then observing a bit of string stuck up your arse. Yeck. Wear decent pants and that is sick

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    Wrote naveedtim08

    Been there, ~~~ DONE THAT !!!! Fine place to get naked if the "skeeters" don't get ya very first !!! hehehe

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    Wrote MarkV123

    I am 32 and from Berlin, Germany. Would like to see more of your assets. Every detail of it......:-)

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    I came, thanks for being a whore.

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