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    Have not posted in Private Shots for a while so I thought I would post a set... Thanks to all of you and your wonderful comments!!!!!!! Self boulder-holder in couch...

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    Here are some shots of a friends wifey. She loves to suck man rod, and emerges to be pretty damn good at it. Let us know what you think. There are more where these came from. Lovely mature duo....

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    My fave activity to do is what you see in these fabulous photos taken by my spouse for all to love. hope you love them Aicha de casablanca...

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    I love being naked outside. We found this beautiful spot on our summer vacation...off came the clothes and out came the camera :) my sexy culo for you...

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    Hi Everyone-We have had some Reclouds contris, but will now attempt some for VW. We love and read all your comments AND we take requests. Love to you all-Cathy & Dave My obsession...

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    She asked me to take some photos to contribute. Vote for her or drop a note to tell her what you would like to see. We will be taking some more photos to post. Got to go, bathroom time :) She's hot and she's mine!...

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    Sunlovers - Howdy we are Sunlovers this is our very first time obedience my gf and I want to read comments about her hope you like it ! She's so terrific.......

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    slutwife Liza for strangers dudes on the plage

    Thanks for all of the sexy comments and your votes for my last pic. I flashed them to hubby and he had to FUCK me right on the spot! Tell your wives and gfs to comment and vote for my horny tits too please!

    November 2018 13:34:1

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    A lucky man on the plage with two black nymphs

    I was suprised the other day when my wifey asked me to take some pics of her in various states of undress. I was shocked when she told me I could submit some! If comments are nice, I may be able to post more...

    November 2018 20:34:2

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    theSandfly Excellent Naturist Hookup Fun!

    well here it is as promised. yes it's fledgling, but does it get good! oh that contri my wifey snuck in 1st (the last flick in the Two part set i was sending) is titled "3ball & kitty in action." welp, till tomorrow. keep up the excellent work fellow pervs!

    November 2018 20:44:55


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