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    Albeit pizza boy was glad to scrape Tiffini's itch? He absolutely insisted that his face be blurred. But then... Tiffini is FAR prettier than he is, so... I doubt anyone should make complaints. ;) mi vergogno......

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    this is my wifes big butt I am showcasing it off to you all because I thinks she has a fine bootie. Please tell us what you think so I can get more of her. greasy smooches....

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    Good Morning Guys! Sorry we have been away...crazy Christmas...but we are snowed in today...so we can play...do you like SSMs Christmas Gifts? Wonderfull and sexy...

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    Martina From Cuenca (Spain) - Estas son las fotos de un fin de semana en Cuenca. Los interiores son de su estupendo Parador Nacional ?qu? os parece? We love hump and photos...

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    Went to the playa palace for the weekend to have a little joy in the sun.... but the summer blonde chick doesn't need the sun to have joy. Are their any other VW strand people out there? recall summer...

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    Fresh set taken recently of this 50 something hot and sexy woman. Thanks once again for all the excellent comments and compliments. Keep them up along with any suggestions. A few of me at 50....

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    Bella! - Bella From the Motor City! She was wild, but whew what a Soiree Girl! Hope she slows down lengthy enough to get some more pics and flick of her!! My suntan caboose for you...

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    I would love to thank all the beautiful gals at fantasy festival that share your delicious bods with all of us. You are too beautiful to cover up. Peculiarly you big chicks with big titties. We love you. Keep on flashing them!

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    Kimber Crosses The Rio Grande - Hi! Tamo & I had so much joy doing this set of pictures at the sea. Nothing like a cool sea and cold beer to kill the Texas heat! We always like to read your comments and appreciate all fresh ideas. Thank you!

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    Lovemaking on the Sand - not only a fave Drink

    Shelley is an artist in her own right. And she is one of those quiet, intensely sensuous Scorpios, more subtle and refined, rather than blatant and in your face. Working with her is more often cautiously listening to her, rather than telling her what I want.

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