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    My Hot Wifey Two ( Asian - This is my Two nd contri from Sri Lanka...she is 45 yrs and Trio children 18,15 and 12.We hav tons of pics and if the comments are good we will post them. A thing of BEAUTY...

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    Hiked a mile and a half thru Three feet of snow and ultimately reached the remote hot springs. That's when things got steamy. Hope you like the pictures and don't leave behind to vote. flashing arse :)...

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    The theme said shows us where you managed to jizm on her. I thought it my duty to give some examples. There is no story to ensue along with, just shots that "came" from here and there. Ciao amici !!!...

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    Having joy on a Saturday night! What do you think? Our Very first Time, we love this site, indeed gets us going. Tell us what you think. just another contri...

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    Hi Kate, Jerry, Sailor, Asher and Crew! Here is part Two. These were taken just after the sun came up! Hope that yall love them! xxoo, nice hook-up night...

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    Hi Just some pictures from our spring fling. We are having trouble get together with my sista for the photo shoot but we will. Rox all puffed up and ready...

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    She looked down in the dumps, so we determined to spice things up...camera, baby oil, undergarments. stuff that leaves a smile on everyone's face.. PARA QUE LA DISFRUTEN...

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    After talking with Miss Smith time and time again she eventually agreed to let me take these pics if comments are good hopefully I will be able to take more. Motel pics. Enjoy!...

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    A 2nd set of pics fromm Millie, te very first set revved her on so much she couldnt wait to send these and get some rude comments. hot day at sea...

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    I hope you love my pics I got my fiance to take them of me. It makes me horny just thinking of people looking at my naked figure. I think he likes it to ;) Love my natural hangers!...

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  • Pellentesque sollicitudin iaculis gravida
    Caught Rear end Style on Public Playa

    Here's part 1 of our Two part series. For some unusual reason these were never posted.... The story is that M sent me these pics from the motel she was staying at during a biz tour. Please love and look for our other series. We'll attempt to accomodate requests ASAP. All our best - Coworkers

    September 2018 14:55:51

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    Monster Penis Daddy at the Plage

    Judging by the comments made by the VW squad on our very first contri we determined to just go ahead and post one more. Sorry for those of you hoping for totally nude, but we are taking it slow. Our next post will contain our nude photos if we get good feedback.

    September 2018 23:28:9

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    Nude Sand - Freckled Redhead Teenager Cutie

    I just thought I would turn my man on a bit with a lump of ice all over my bod. Its a indeed cool perceiving , it kind of a turns you on caressing the ice on special parts of your bod. I think I will experimenting with the ice again.

    September 2018 8:37:30


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