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    For my wife's bday, I arranged to have Two studs meet us at a motel. It was her very first time with Three folks. I was the photographer. I don't know who had the best time; her or them. Assorted Pics.....

  • Nudism

    We were at a condo in Palm Springs when Toni determined to BBQ outside. One thing lead to another and briefly she was eating my hot dog. please look !...

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    If Nina gets some nice comments and votes she said that she will post some more photos and even possibly some flick taken too..... Her beautiful tints....

  • Outdor

    Horny Nurse Stripper went for a little walk in the forest to look at fall foliage. This is what the hunters would have seen if they had been looking.. Have joy ,...

  • Voyeur

    I Am proud to say this sexy woman has been with me for years and as every year goes by, like fine wine, it just keeps getting finer. I thought I would share some shots for the VW gang! Hope you love Taking on the rays....

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    Here is the final "blow" from this night. She hates facials but did it for me and her aficionados. Looking for fresh suggestions for a knocked up women. My 1st time posting....

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    We ended up with 307 pics by the time the night was over! The only time we've taken more pics than that was on the VW/RC vacation -- and that was for a week! Found One!...

  • Public

    This is from last years journey to Temptation Resort in Mexico. Khaleesi was a ideal canvas and displayed this lovely artwork every day... Mind if I spread guys?...

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    Renee,42,always knows how to make a excursion on the boat interesting whether or not the fish are biting.She always appreciates (and is amazed by) the nice comments she gets here... She like bikes......

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    Some more smokin hot ladies from the 2011 Fantasy Festival in Key West. I would like to thank the ladies for sharing their beauty and for all of the work that the VW team puts into this site. the Part Trio :)...

  • First Time

    I told Lisa I dreamed to take some pictures of my fresh bike before I got itscratched up and muddy. It truly was just another excuse for getting her to pose naked again. Erotic nudes...

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    Ultra-cute Asian Chick Fucking On Plage M27

    Here are more of the cutie from the last contri. As before, she will Humid your appetite. (Not WHET. I know the difference...It's a play on words). The next contri will feature the Three sweeties partying together during lunch. Love and keep the comments coming.

    October 2018 13:8:26

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    braless nude playa candid compilation

    Field Of Wishes - It was a windy day out in the country. It was slightly overcast, making for some supreme lighting for these daylight shots. I love these warm colors and the way my wifey blends in with the scenery. (She is a fit 40+ year old.)

    October 2018 13:8:35

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    Nude Playa - Point of view Sucking & Fucking

    *Jo My Whorey Wifey, Sucking - Nothing fancy here, just a good old style dick sucking. I was attempting to give a excellent facial cumshot, but she gobbled most of it down before I had the camera ready. She loves the stuff. What a good girl!!! As always, good comments will bring more shots. Thanks...

    October 2018 16:5:7


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    Wrote chilly662

    Drew I beg there's a rc version of this black sundress, You are very beautiful.

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    Wrote batla69

    Paula, parabéns pelas fotos, mostre ao mundo que aqui também tem mulher bonita e gostosa.

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    Wrote axilleas13

    Gotta say it...less dick,more chick...jus sayin;)

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    Wrote spraymyface

    gorgeous lady, superb figure. Needs someone with a real camera - I have two

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    Wrote poutyp

    You'll pretty much fuck anything won't you?

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    I'm with Biffbo, how about a group bang?

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    Beautiful girl! I love Turkish women, it brings back fond memories.

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    pues si, estas espectacularmente buena... me gustarÃ-a relamer cada milimetro de tu piel... seria posible q me mandases unas fotillos a mi correo? quiquoes@yahoo.es

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    Wrote male2016

    Hola me han encantado vuestras fotografias, espero ver mas, eres preciosa.

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    did you go away?I think that there were woman under 40 there.

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    nice one ;o)

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    GORGEOUS! Next time flash some Caboose please.

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    Hi, what a beautiful lady! I am interested in taking pics for you....I live in Coventry and can be in London in 90 mins!!! Love to hear from you, Steve - Bootneck

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    superb i hasd to j/o looking at her sweet butt, i want to grope my face in it,then tonge fuck it,

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    Superb! A real woman here! Lovely figure and don't have a pre puberty looking pussy! Love the hair! keep em cumin!!! gynoman69@yahoo.com

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    You may LOVE RC but I may be in Love You. dodge452000@yahoo.com

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    Finally..Amen..I'm typically a commet post to the larger gifted but always recognize a gr8t pic. That angle pic is perfection...Lady VW posts take note... Superb... :)

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    Not a inhale job but a very skimpy forearm job. Once again we have proof that jism causes lockjaw.

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    naturism in czechVery fine either way, but I do choose the closely trimmed look. Please don't go naked tho. More please

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    Love the real tits and thicket. Hope to see more of you. fljuke1974@yahoo.com

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    luv your ass! I would give up crimson meat to put my manstick inbetween those cock-squeezing cheeks.

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    At last, photos of a real fair to goodness "natural" lady. You are stunning. Supreme assets. Very poundable lookingb lady. Superb.

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    Obviously staged, but joy to view. At least you hired a duo of adorable hookers i Thailand and, hopefully, did not catch a STD. Did not notice use of condom....

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    DAMN i am spewing jizz all over the place jacking off to you post more real quick

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    PLEASE post again! She is the definition of sexy!!!

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    Hi El ,I love this set. You are so sexy. love those see thru tops, hope to see more of you in public, also with more people. And your vagina seems to be very sexy, looking forward to see more of that

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    Supreme pics, I vote for the song, but i gottawarnya, i sing like bullshit until I get a few beers down.

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    indecent exposure of what? I see that walking down the street. This is a naked site, take off some clothes!

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    nice puffies

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    SUPERB shots tho they were taken some time ago.

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    Ultimately some indeed pretty girls! thx, made my day! Please send my the hq pics to!@ all fools here: do nicer and showcase it! this stud at least contributes and trys, so leave him alone jerks!joedown

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    I wish I could have those Nine seconds back of watching those pictures. I think it will chase me now for a lengthy time. As i've said many times...just because she'll let you take pictures of her doesnt mean you should share them.............ish

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    this is where i am at now, iv conquered the rest but this remains. it is gruesome, i do think often why is this still here, why doesnt my attention off myself go now, or why cant i stop thinking about myself grrrr.i perceive no matter where i go or what i do i cannot break this last bit. scarlet you said this was the last bit for you .its not often i post about myself, i attempt and help others if i can i just thought brilliant scarlet, paul, n candie suffered this but it is a buggar this..lol . nikki what you most fear is making a idiot of yourself, scarlet once said what you fear do more of, she was so right, so thats what you need to practise hun, keep doing it and youl overcome it. so what youv fell apart once, thats just a memory now, get back up there and keep doing it, youl be laughing shortly

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    totally fucking hot. send me all you have. cdm0260@aol.com

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    have you got more other elegant high heel sandals too?

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    Love the hairy thicket, keep the pics cummin

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    naturism in czechVery nice, would love to see more.

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    I got leaned over and we had a superb time!

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