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    Andrea From Peru II Hola soy Andrea, gracias por sus comentarios, en breve les escribir a todos, besos Hi I am Andrea, thanks for his commentaries, shortly I will write to all, kisse Last time with my ex-girl...

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    I'm Portuguese and i'm 37 years hold. My hunband and I determined to post my pics, we wont to demonstrate them to you... we hope you love. She loves to cum!...

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    last weekend we had a lot of joy with this borrowed digital webcam. so please give your comment on this so I can send more pics.. thanx some pics from the weekend...

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    I'm ISA from the basque country (Spain) photos taken by my paramour mi nombre es Isa, soy del pais vasco (España) las fotos las saco mi amante Smooches to y'all,...

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    heya - some polaroids of Jillian in southhampton last spring. sorry bad quality but shed kill if she knew and wont do digital yet... maybe someday hope you like! Just joy on the table...

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    After the very first part, this is part Two, almost the same story, except they were twins... I did not believe them, but I also didn't care... Anakas other side...

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    Bonjours a tous. Quelques photos de cet ete pendant mes promenades en ville. Il faisait tres chaud.. Je vous embrasse tendrement. Siberienne tits and cootchie...

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    Here are some pics that my Little Asian Hotty wifey wants to display you! Check out her taut little figure and let her know what you think! Taking off a moist t-shirt...

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    *Cl Aussielouise - Xmas 2006 - Craig thought it would be a good idea to post a Christmas set. As always, I'll attempt to reply to those who leave comments with a valid email address... Mummy over 57...

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    We have been taking pics for ages but never had the confidence to post but with this months competition however we couldn't stand against - Hope you love !! Lounging in couch...

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    Mom and dad have fucky-fucky at the playa

    Here are some pics for you to love, let us know what you would like to see. Some more of her culo or more of her labia, I love them both as you can see. Send some comment to keep her cummin, we have slew more. Love

    October 2018 13:54:33

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    jerking and jizzing on nymph on russian strand

    Sunny Sunday afternoon walk along the tracks. Taking advantage of one of our last sunny days in North West Ohio! Hope you love the post! Some pics in Ohio some in Indiana! Walked across the state line! Keeping the negative comments to a minimum keeps me posting!

    October 2018 22:50:16

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    Spycam. Nice Tits on public sand

    Hi My name is Anne, This is my very first posting to Naturists. I am a 22 year old exhibitionist from the UK. I have a site at http://erotic.Nudists.com/upskirtuk where you can see more pictures of me. Many thanks

    October 2018 21:22:33


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