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    Hubby and I thought we'd attempt this out. I got so revved on flashing my tits, desired to see what iy would be like if you eyed all of me. Sorry I can't so my face. Smooches LAS. crazy night part Two...

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    This is my wifey Victoria. She's fifty y/o and was reluctant to demonstrate her naked assets in the site. Let us know your comments. Leonard. Ten Year of Love

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    See ya on the RCBB and sense free to reach out and say Hey to us! We are usually around somewhere (or getting into trouble in some form or fashion!) ;-) Hot Weather hot Women...

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    This is my 24 year old wifey, and her gf with whom we had a threesome. Would love to hear comments from couples or biwomen in Western Canada. Pants off!...

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    didnt think a damsel could revved on by posing to a camera ,untill i met roxanne,and embarked taking those pics of her .she was getting more hot with every click of the cam.LOCO look at me... kiss!!!...

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    Anyways ,we were visiting the local farmers market and parked by the village church and yep I regretted the cold nips for a few hours after we finished taking the pics.... Sweet baby, 2nd part...

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    Miss Vicky and I went camping but it rained, so she had to wear her rain poncho, much to the delight of canoers and hikers (and me) TY for comments....

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    Nude Strand - Lovely Redhead MMF Threesome

    Ultimately got a site of my own. Steven helped me design the site and I am loving it. I love onanism notably with stimulating playthings. I choose to use soft massagers than hard cone shaped ones. You can e-mail me if you want to send in a special request.

    November 2018 22:40:36

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    Nude Sand - Suntan Line Redhead Suck & Fuck

    Hi RC, Do you ever perceive the need to reach deep down in side? Digging deep, finding what you're made of, sensing your heart hammer. I call it touching my soul. I think I've found mine, it's deep inwards, it's humid and most of all it makes my toes curl :) Thanks.

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    Damsel with nice donk walking on Euro sand Three

    Our very first time attempting this. This is what happens when reserved Librarian type takes off the glasses and lets down her hair. What do you think? Maybe she will come out of her shell even more! I love her with all of my heart.

    November 2018 5:53:18


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