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    Hi Everybody Sorry I was away for so lengthy but I dreamed to share some photos Earl and I took. Look for more very briefly. Love, Misty hear we go again...

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    Stephanie - For My Fans! Here are the Ten original pics from me at the "Boobs Superawards". If you like these pics go to the awards and vote on me! Sweet smooches see this guys...

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    My beautiful wifey dreamed to do a theme with my turnout clothes. Who was I to tell her no! Leave a nice comment and I might be able to persuade her to do more....maybe RC!!!! smooches marie !!!...

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    part Two of the bedroom phot shoot. Sorry it took so lengthy. Can't wait to read all the comments. Thanks again for the superb feedback and the votes. More to come for sure! Love Barbera xxx...

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    Just a little walk alongside the colon on a cloudy summer's day. Hope you love viewing the photos as much as I did posing for them. Jizm on these?...

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    hi group these are photos of my g/f taken over the last few months hope u all like them intend taking some more over the bank holiday weekend all the breast Just some joy shots...

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    Day at The Lake I'm a single petite 5'4" blonde that lives in mid Michigan. If anyone lives near me and is lookin for joy, drop me a line. Does anyone want to go to the lake with me inwards da boat...

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    Dear Group Here are some pictures in BW of the most beautiful female in the world. She was the love of my life, but i didnt knew it!!! Please don't demonstrate her face and all comments welcome, I have dozens more pics of her good bod

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