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    We got good comments on our very first post of us providing a friend an after dinner demonstrate. Here are some pics of Champ playing on her own. Hey V-Webbers!...

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    Here are some pics of a co-worker of mine. If the comments are good I will attempt and talk her into more explicit photos. Enjoy..............Please do not list my e-mail. Who needs a BF?...

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    I left VW in 2010 to get married. I was knocked up so stop sending contributions. Now I am cheerfully married and have a Two year old daughter. sleep, dating.....

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    Nude Playa - Nice Gam Spread & Spread

    I was over at my friend's Angel. I got my digital camera out and took a few snaps of her on the sofa. As we'd been drinking a bit, things got a bit raucous and (with a bit of encouragement from me) she embarked disrobing off. She's always been a bit of an exhibitionist though!

    July 2018 8:52:22

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    Swingers threesome on the public playa

    Marie has been very excited by the reaction she has received and appreciates the very nice comments. We both hope you love these current contris. They are in response to many requests. Please vote positively if you like these pics. She will reply to a few favorates. Thank You!!!

    July 2018 16:3:6

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    Anal on the Plage is the Best !

    Here are a few pix of my sweety. she loves to get naked in the forest. she is nothing but joy, and very hot in the sack. i'm a lucky boy. just call her tinkle. you folks are superb, notably june! from t

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    If you love it we love it. You don't leave us wondering.Thanks

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