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    Wrote dlcalguy

    Good pictures but the background is too active for black and milky. These would have been much finer if done in color. Loved the use of the leaves to hide her face - much finer than just blacking it out.

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    Wrote BlueEyes78

    You can do it nicer. So, attempt again and again and again.

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    Be sure to send me a copy!

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    Wow, now those are some truly big tits! Thanks.

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    Oh yea, you are beautiful and look so playful!

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    I'm all over the one in green

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    Lovely pics...her titties are gorgeous!! Would love to see more of her naked.....love to see one in my inbox too!!!

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    Spatz, please neglect the drains who have no appreciation for real women. Thank you for sharing your photos and I, for one, think you are a treat. Go, lady, and don't stop...esl987

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