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    Al and I visited a lean to and I just couldn't keep my clothes on....AGAIN!! Thank you all for your superb comments! Anyone have other photo ideas? Posing on stairs...

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    pics 1 : she likes blue pics Two : me too pic Trio : or black pic Four : but i choose no clothes pic Five : like these pic pic Six : and close up fangos More joy in the pool...

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    Love the clothing optional plage

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    just a thought...........but a butt THIS size should NOT be packaged in dental floss.........

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    No vagina no vote. Go home. This is lame.

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    Was disappointed to find my comment had been scrubbed. I've never, ever, used foul or insulting language to anyone on here and fully support those kind of comments being eliminated, but surely when someone airs themself in a public forum inviting comments it's ok to make a gentle joke with them? It seems you are only permitted to be positive or pervy on here and that's a damned shame. oh, and for the record, i have a wifey, a son at uni, a career and a sense of humour.

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