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    Just a few more of our raod tour nips!! Tell us where we are and we will send you an invitation for one of a trips. Thanks, Samantha and 1Luckywhiteboy Flawless Bod...

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    These shots were from our cabin getaway. I love the way her gams and bum look in high-heeled slippers. Vote superb, I've got a lot more from that excursion. Good comments will keep her posing. Playing with banana....

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    Hot Very first Timer This my hot and horny wifey flashing just how hot she can be in front of the camera, so love i sure did!!!!!!!!!!!! Please send some good comments to keep making photos!!Th Hope you like these!...

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    M* Something For The Ladies - just thought the ladies would like to see something other than T&A in las vegas. let me know what you think. Beer anyone?...

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    Photos of the wifey taken over the years. Thanks for the supreme comments & request! Working on fresh pix from some of your request. Enjoy!! She agreed to a shoot...

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    I just love my wife's tits, her puffies are so blowable. And she has a excellent butt to go along with those fine boobies. She's not bad for 47, agree? Just some pics of me ......

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    These pics were taken by my bloke hris while I was sucking on his cock! Man, I love that! As you can see he came all over my breasts. yum! Hope you like them, have a supreme week guys! xxxx Do you like my ass?...

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    we are a under 30's duo who are just embarking to dabble in on-line photography. There will be much more to come, including Naturists contri's. Loved to be treated....

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    M* Almost 40yo, 1st Contri - For the paramour of a hairy assets. (I disregard rude comments of people who don't dare posting themselves) Hope u like!!...

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    this is my wifey venezuelan asss...she gets hot when she read hot coments..please send coments and she will take some nude photos for all of you 45 year old mom of two....

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    Slower is Way Finer at the Strand Too

    Hi Nudistsbers. Last year I was in holiday with my GF. I took this pics while sunbathing. She still doesn`t know about the existence of 6/7 of the pics. Furthermore she can`t imagine someone is posting her pics in www. So love and please vote!

    November 2018 24:14:56

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    Wifey Playing with Nut on the Sand

    Howdy everyone! This is our very first post to Naturists - we hope you like it. These were some photos which were taken while we were making our fresh movies. It was a lot of joy. and as you can see, Tom loved it a lot as well!

    November 2018 9:38:42

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    candid strand groin shot 144,, phat snatch

    1st time contri from middle aged duo, looking for the world to see us at our rawest, so much joy had during this session, never taken pics of us before, hope you love, your feedback will be appreciated and we will look forward to more contributions....love us..

    November 2018 2:56:56


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