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    After the excellent comments I received on last vid determined to post on with a little finer lighting this time. This is me ending off in the bathroom. mmmm these need a munch...

  • Nudism

    Sandy got real horny on vacation and desired to pose for some fresh pics for you. She loves reading your comments so please tell her what these pics did for you...and what you did to them...? Just Kicken Back...

  • Nudity

    Hi all! I am at my friend's kitchen and While the chicken is being baked in the oven, I thought I would do a contri for everyone. Vacation in Maine...

  • Plage

    Who doesn't like a little role playing? We have a duo we wag with a lot and like to mix things up. I am playing the manager taking advantage of one of my masculine employees. Nice smallish erect tits...

  • Movies

    I put on some music in our motel room and determined to give a little showcase to the guys I was staying with, of course with just that little sundress there wasn't much to take off a bit more...

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    One of her beloved colors. Just a boy we met who had never had fuck-a-thon in front of anybody, much less a ladies spouse - joy to see and photo (even more joy when he went home, but I couldn't photo that) No story, only share...

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    Fucky-fucky Princess We have been away for awhile but ultimately got some time to take a few fresh shots and thought we would post them for all to love beau cul ma femme...

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    Here is the continuation of the last contri, she wished proceed and who was I to stop her. On the next one we are actually on the tracks Moist undies !!...

  • Teens

    While getting clad I whipped out my trusty camera and you get the benefit. She wants to know what you think. So please let us know. pink boots story......

  • Plage

    The advantage of a holiday in Med' is its warm 24 hours a day, so we can have some joy when the kids are asleep. Here are some pics taken during a midnight dip - followed but a fine fuck of course! female oh my...

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    MrsDrillintime is loving all the comments so much she keeps telling me to get the camera and take fresh pics, she put this on for all of you to see. Love Love Love...

  • Young

    Kids were gone for a few hours, Mrs. came out of the bedroom into the den ready for activity and joy, teacher can I take an oral exam? she s toasted too much !!...

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    Cap d'Agde sand total version

    I have the most awesome gf a man could ever wish for. I travel extensively so I send her dares from different countries and she attempts to fulfill them. Here's her attempting on one of my t-shirts and making sure I don't "forget" her.

    January 2018 18:37:20

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    teenage duo caught on the playa

    Thanks for the good comments from Care's last contri. Even the negative ones were joy because they made us laugh. This group of pics was taken on the same journey, but at the strand. It is not a nude plage and we got caught once. Hope you enjoy!

    January 2018 13:19:54

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    Naomi - Naturist strand lady posing

    Wifey said she was going to go into the bedroom and see if she could get her mitt in her. I followed with the camera. I ended up attempting to get mine into her. After she got off she got me off. God Bless America.

    January 2018 11:3:55


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