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    Cari amici grazie dei vostri precedenti complimenti. Questa e la seconda parte della mia esibizione..aspetto i vostri piacevoli commenti..smaakk Ciao e grazie Still playing.......

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    Mixed Mummy Photos Here are some various photos of my lovely wifey. This is our very first time posting, hope you and your viewers love them as much as I did taking them. Hopefully, more to come...Thanx. Another view of my ass!!...

  • Plage

    We took a journey to the zoo last week. Connie was perceiving very nasty and determined to wear nothing underneath her mini-skirt. Hope you like our photos..... Dreaming in the sun!...

  • Exbitionist

    Sorry for taking so lengthy to get back here. My hubby and I just bought a fresh camera and are just attempting it out. Don't leave behind to look me up in Naturists also. You never know where I may pop-up My 75 year old wifey...

  • Close Up

    Lived at a farm way off the main road. The hottub and alcohol created some good views at times. Never knew what I would see when coming home from work Superb teats!!...

  • Exbitionist

    Lisa Strips - This is my wifey Lisa. She just loves being the center of attention espically when she is getting naked in front of several friends while I see. Pam in Motel, Excellent Gams....

  • Beach

    We are fresh to posting on Naturists. Look forward to reading all your comments and interested in requests for the next photo shoot. Various pics from 2011...

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    This is Jasmine. She wouldn't let Mister Peabody fuck her but she let me take dirty pictures of her! WooHoo! Now Mister Peabody can wank off to her forever.... Motel flash for you....

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    Frigid Sport - It was a hot summer day and Sport was looking to cool off. Be nice and vote. Positive comments are always appreciated and welcomed. Wifey in Bathroom 3

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    anyone want to see my cunt and tits....this older lady loves to suck manstick and swallow....young and old dicks can comment.....leave your email think this is kissable??...

  • Plage

    Throw her in the pool and then grab the camera. My wifey has no clue I was recording. The last picture was a different day and leaves nothing to the imagination. No email address please. Day at the park!...

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    Jan B's Jamaican Strand Bang

    My Exgirlfriend and I like taking pictures and there is the result after a jokey weekend. Greetings from Austria. Meine Ex und ich machen gerne Fotos. Ab und zu machen wir eine Session und das Ergebnis seht ihr hier. Schone Gru?e aus O.

    October 2017 4:13:25

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    blondie bare-chested dame on mallorca sand

    It is good to be a paramour, but not always that convenient, you just take your chances, there was so many wounds all over the assets the day after becuase the floor was so hard. But it worth it. This is part one of three. Enjoy!

    October 2017 21:41:3

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    two lesbos playing at sand background

    Here we go again. These are all newer shots. Thanks to everyone who had such good comments. (And for those who can't possibly say anything nice, what does it matter? You are never satisfied.) Thanks again, guys!!

    October 2017 12:19:22


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