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    This his my very first contri. Hope the ladies love my penetrator. Leave your comments and email and i will response to all of them. Smooches to all. I love you....

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    Got to love dunkin donuts in haverstraw NY. Very tuff to stand in a active DD and take a pic thank god she was yapping non stop on her phone. Bath - At the bath...

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    I usually take a quick bathroom in the morning around 8 A.M. This morning was no different from others except I was being photographed. I washed myself the VW way and let me know if you like them. Hi again y'all...

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    This happened after a joy night downtown in Federal Hill in Baltimore. Right now no "action shots", so I sense lucky just to have these. perceiving horny like always....

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    Here are some morepictures from the school damsel series with Alecia and my hubby.For the rest of the pictures stop by my FRC site. http://amateurs.Nudists.com/tiamoon/ Angelus - just me...

  • Outdor

    Hi everyone! My tub's a bit too smallish to bring a guest in with me... so I thought I'd just bring the camera instead. Hope you enjoy! ;) our night on the town...

  • Amateur

    Had some extra shots from last years tour to Chicago, thinking about submitting more often. Stockings just so happen to be one of my things! If she only knew!...

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    Hot honey sunbathes on nude plage

    Ultimately, My dearest time of the day is when I run a hot bath, bring a glass of wine, good tunes,and a cigarette. Nothing finer than bubbles,oil and a clean trim. Mr.Keys likes to see sometimes and sometimes he likes to do the shaveing. I choose to do the trim and he can see all he wants.

    November 2018 24:56:35

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    Stunners Playa THREESOME - JP SPL

    This is Kyoko's very first time in crimson clouds. I know it's not hard core but it's a embark. My hubby and I love to travel and meet people, having joy time together. Also love to trade pics expecially with asian women. thanks.

    November 2018 15:6:41

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    cutie shakin her booty on a public playa

    57 Year Old Wifey Jas - Thanks for the good comments on my last contri, I was revved on to know the things that you would like to do to me, I get revved on knowing that there many guys out there looking at my pics, also knowing what town/city or part of the world I reach. Glad 2007, JAS xxx

    November 2018 24:24:40


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