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    We haven't posted in a while. If the feedback is good we have lots of other sets that we can share as well as we would like to take some requests from the guys and ladies!! Look at this woman......

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    Newfie and I recently took a week off for some joy, travel and refreshment. Here are a few pictures of a little of the joy. Smooches. Sylvie wants two...

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    In my past post a I received comments about mi tits, for al those that said my tits are faux. My tits are 100 natural C cups, If you don believe thats no my problem Just some pics of my wifey...

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    That day was hot and I went out with this sundress for walking around and doing shopping... Intrigued looks of fellows made me sense very sexy! Parked up!...

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    Awhile back Pirate and I found a junkyard we loved. We took a few sets in B&W. Here is one of them. They are a bit artsy fartsy... hope you like them. Love Xona!...

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    Just having joy putting the man sausage thru its paces and some sundress up joy, before the real thing, love having my gf suck me off while a friend fucks me in the culo hole--it is truly a turn on for us all. I love that fuck-hole...

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    Hier ein paar schwarz/weiss-Bilder von uns. Das bayerische Mädel ist sehr an girl-girl-action interessiert. Sind hier Pärchen aus Bayern? Many kisses!!...

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    teenager duo caught on the sand

    Hi Everyone it's been some time inbetween posting! We went to the plage here in S.Florida for some sun but it didnt come out. Then i thought why wast a good Day out hehehehe Let us know what you think Have a Good Week

    August 2018 15:15:17

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    Nude Strand - Hot Women Caught on Camera

    Liz@56 On Holiday - Liz and I were on holiday and determined to take a few photos in her fresh lengerie. We love trading with other couples so if you are interested please leave us you email address. Kurt & Patty and Ken & Liz please leave us your address.

    August 2018 9:50:1

  • Pellentesque sollicitudin iaculis gravida
    dark-haired bootie fucked on the sand

    Pics taken to the Acinapolis library. People inwards, so good. Thanks for the fan's comments. They appreciate my Namur's citadelle contri. I'll send others Belgian cities contri briefly. Smooches and vote

    August 2018 7:17:54


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