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    This is our very first time and we hope you like them. My wifey is bashful but with some good comments I am sure there will be more. Love, I did! in autostrada...

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    thanks for the excellent comments, we both loved them, determined to post some more, will attempt to reaction all that posted their emails. don't even ask about her pruning either.. ~ φhi...

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    Morgana in montagna a fare snowboard, dopo la sciata.. vista la poca neve abbiamo fatti due foto!! (con le auto sulla strada :) !! ) do you like susis string?...

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    Story: Hi thereThese are Three Examples of Pics of a lady I met. I am working on her formore explicit pictures. Hope you like it all. how about these...

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    Rabbit On High High-heeled shoes - Just raunchy we share this set here too , we post it on High heel s contri but determine to share with RC regular also Do you want to get in...

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    Annes very first Contribution from our Holiday in France Annes erste Mal om Netz mit Urlaubsfotos aus Frankereich. Nette Kommentare erw?nscht ... I'm training...

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    Nothing Like Unwrap Pool - Nothing like a nice game of unclothe pool. I hate to lose. If you like the pictures the DVD was even finer. Anyone want to play with me? my wifes very first time...

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    Hi ladies. I'm a swedish dude who likes to showcase off. If you like what you see please send me a mail to: I'm as kinky as you are. The sloppier, the nicer. after some joy...

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    weekend joy at the lake. never left the condo i think we made it to the lake..some mirror games.others various photos she aims to please and that she does. Slurp vkateously...

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    Right before a morning motor boat. She can indeed spank you with these big tits. Nips get real hard. Need a nice lengthy manstick inbetween them! OK...one more for today....

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    Nude Strand - Clad in Underwear

    We apologize that some of our photography doesn't look as pro or posed as others, but we are just a joy duo who love crazy sexual adventures at the last minute and our only equipment is a $150 digital camera, LOL,...but hopefully everyone likes them :)

    October 2018 3:38:48

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    Dark-haired with good donk at the strand

    Realsexplay - So So Sweet - One thing I love about the area in which we live is that there is so many places to sunbath/swim nude and then we have those places that you can't but we don't let ever stop us from getting naked and having a little joy.

    October 2018 20:41:18

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    Nice Stunner Fucking on Desert Playa BVR

    That said... sometimes a Smith and Wesson is a woman's best friend, peculiarly when it is tucked away under her cushion. And a .50 caliber Magnum? Well... eat your heart out Dirty Harry with your wimpy little girlie gun. ;)

    October 2018 18:51:32


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    nice big soft tits

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    Wrote slimdean

    Thank you for your nice comment. Yes, we are concened about our privacy a lot and this is why we don't display our faces. We love sharing our flicks with others very much but don't consider becoming fledgling pornography starlets known to everybody for what we're into. Your wifey is right, I'm afraid. We talk a lot about our interests in the lovemaking field and my wifey isn't into women at all.

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    Absolutely loved all of the pics, except I just don't get the urinate thing. There are fairly a few that do tho. Stilll a SUPERB vote!

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    Love your figure and always quality pics, how about something outside the regular poses. Your foot/cumshots were hot!

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    The fact the tits look so plastic ruins this one.

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    bang-out pics of naturistsWhere's the cutout crotch?!

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