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    Howdy Naturists, Her are some pics of me, I would like to know what the lady viewers think, please leave any comments on the BB for me and I will response them. Thank you and have a superb day. Prime foto...

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    Some people couldn't see the photos from this shoot before so affixed are some more from this very first shoot. If you like them then please let me know and maybe we'll do some more! Sleeping and undies...

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    My name is Marina, 42 y.o, married, mom of Three. I'M Marketing Manager in a french company in Paris La D fense. These pics were made in my office by a coworker. Smooches. An Older one...

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    The Fucky-fucky Kitty Says the Naysayers and critics that want to put her down for youthful mistakes are the ones missing out if they can't see her for the sexy fuckslut she is. Very first timer so be kind...

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    I have a diminutive guest room upstairs and I often go up there to please my private place. I think my site reflects that. Joy(???) to the world and Glad Fresh Year everyone! Love Miss S xx...

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    Hi, Here is my contri to "Nudists." Some of the ladies were wanting more fellows on here, so I will give it a attempt. Hope y'all like these -- I luved posing! like this ?...

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    I train at a local school. This is my racquetball colleague, a coed from my evening class. We've been working out regularly afterwards. Just for the joy of it all...

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    We went hiking to this weekend and determined to do shoot a duo of photos while we were at the top of the mountain. It was very hot, and during this shoot it got even sexier, if you know what I mean! A lengthy night...

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    If FantasyFest isn't your thing, you should very likely stop clicking on contributions with FantasyFest in the title, unless you just can't read. spank me please...

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    Sometimes a female just needs more than one hitachi in a session. My rabbit vib is my dearest however and always finishes me off!! Sono tornata...

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    These are just a few photos from St. Louis 2002 the 2nd largest Mardi Gras soiree in the country. It happens again this Saturday, 1, March 2003 One thousand kisses!!!...

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    we have posted here several times determined it was time to post again for those who like to look at older women. we would love to trade with other older couples e-mail us a few more pics...

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    rekcuT lezaH - A day at the sand

    attempting on fresh nighty for hubby. this is 2nd contri i have sbmitted very first had several comments that made me not want to submit again. however, i loved doing this and there were very nice comments as well. so we will see what happens if enough good comments then more to come.

    October 2018 3:23:24

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    Hidden cam - Candid Femmes - Flick - Mac Plage

    I shot a duo of these particularly for you guys and ladies here at vweb.What do you think? I think they revved out pretty hot if I do say so myself. I have not any requests lately so please write to me here or on my sites' message board. I miss you paramours. Smooches Summergirl

    October 2018 23:22:33

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    J15 Unexperienced 18yo dark-haired fucked at the strand

    Fen loves your comments on the prior post and is willing to pose for more. It is a quiet afternoon in a sea port. Fen determined to be plucky on the deck while people were passing by... for more escapade pics you most likely need to check rc....

    October 2018 10:16:16


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