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    He dreamed to take some pics but I wasn't so sure, at very first. You'll see I got into the spirit. Hope you love. Looking forward to reading your comments. More to come if you like... Reminisce my ex...

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    Sassy determined to pose in the kitchen for this ciontri and has insisted that I show up here too....So for my one and only appearance on VW, I do apologise!!!LOL. love hopefully...

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    love your glance kate and all the contri`s like to hear what the ladies think will response all bb response.ontario is home. title masculine pruning sexy jo done by miguelios...

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    These are a few pics of my wifey. She is kinda timid, but loves to have hookup. Pics are from different places, Home, Plage. Hope to here from everyone. These are our very first time to post pics. She just loves his......

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    This is a continuation of a preceding post entitled My Friend Sam. Sam is a friend of mine and we took some pics the last time I witnessed her. Alexa?s fine summer...

  • Family

    Hi Kate and Group, Here are some pics I took while we were canoeing onthe lake. Love your site and the excitement it brings. Thanks a lot, Happyman Met this gal in the casino...

  • Suntan

    I have alway dreamed to be nude in public. But you know how hard that can be. So a friend and I found a park near some water and i quickly flashed that camera so I would not get into trouble. My pics for you. Love....

  • Daughter

    Everynow and then I can get Dawn to go hunting with me. But I would much rather see her in the clothes and chase her in the forest. Hope you like. joy with my booty...

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    Two Suntanned bombshells Sixty nine on the sand

    Hello! The other day, I looked thru lots of pictures from all our photo sessions. Thought I should make a Contri with some of the best (though its always hard to choose). Hope you like them. In time I'll be back with fresh pics taken during a tour to Berlin. Love Swedish Beauty

    March 2018 9:27:20

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    I and an elderly duo on the beach! Amateur!

    Hi, my name's Candy. I introduce on my site every week fresh inexperienced women. Last sunday a visited Keisha in Bordeaux (France). She's very nice but unluckily she doesn't want to have fuck-a-thon with women. However I want to have bang-out with her...

    March 2018 14:19:25

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    One morning my hubby was taking pictures of me, so I thought I would do the same to him. I think he is a very sexy man. I desired to share the pictures because he doesn't think he is sexy. What do you think ?

    March 2018 18:20:23


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    Wrote big_titty

    it just wasn't good. Had all the potential in the world, and it was just lame. Can't get by in here on looks alone, kids.

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    Wrote Antoine_mlv

    awesoem figure, wished you had flashed your assets.

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    I hope that my wifey will look like that at 61!! you are one hot babe!! I'd love to have a night or more with you!!!

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    We need to get more Scandanavians aboard VW. All the gals, by the way, on VW are nice women. I don't truly know much about Norwegian, Swedish, or Finnish languages. But Skol counts doesn't it?

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