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    My gorgeous wifey for all to see! I am glad to be back with VW, particularly since I get to talk with this contribution. Let us know what you think... Lauglin run 2003...

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    Ok boys and damsels, This is my mischievous joy partner! 1. Bar Two. & Three. Sea bridge Four. inter bridge Five. traveling display Six. and Wally world superbowl highlights...

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    The continuation of a joy weekend. Friday was a four-way and Saturday was a Ten duo soiree. All of the pics in this series are of just Tami and her gf. Ww Underwater - Crimson Sea....

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    Here we are in a very popular tourist town...these were early shots from the night, very cold and she was hot! Slew more to come if we get positive response and votes! summer and the sea...

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    We were out for a picnic in Cheynne Canyon when we perceived this fellow dreamed to join us. We didn't mind having a fresh friend, so why not? cold water or hot?...

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    I shot these pics at a unclothe joint in downtown Los Angeles. It's always nice to see women providing each other some love....More of my stuff is on my FRC site. Love adorable arse...

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    Joy At The Beach: Part 1 Me and my beau found a very fairly place on a naturist sand and determined to have some joy. We hope you like and sorry about the blurred faces. Nice comments only please. sorry, no story....

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    I took these pix of Dawn while on a weekend getaway. Couldn't fight back taking pictures of her with a Hooters as our background. Hope ya'll Enjoy! Some pics in the water....

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    Hi To Kate and all at VW!. I had the chance the other day to act out as a school girl! It was a blast. I hope you love It as much as I did doing it! Smooch Chynna A good night in a motel...

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    Spycam Strand Rest room Hidden Web cam

    Here comes part II of Lolly in the park. As you may have seen, there were lots of people around, crossing this park. And if you look very carefuly, there is a fellow on the background, sitting on a bench !! Lolly made his day ... Let's go for part II

    October 2018 9:45:39

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    sexy teenager with massive tits plage spy 39

    Here is part 2! Thank you for your nice comments and patience! And, yeh, my bad, I DID submit some of those pix before, I totally forgot......but you haven't seen these! And that's not sweat, dumb ass! It's lube! Lots of it! But indeed, isn't a sweaty female nice too?

    October 2018 10:54:24

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    Nude Sand - Ultra Hot Teenager Anal & Facial cumshot

    These were taken at a landscaped area inwards one of those Biz Park/Corporate Centre complexes. I hope none of the office employees or drivers were dissipated, unless of course they were on their coffee break.

    October 2018 19:2:44


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    Wrote surtiq

    But Good Taste !

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    Wrote Bankay

    smooth nudist photo oppsSexy, right up to the picture of the cig. Yuck!

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    Wrote Joff1

    God that figure should be slurped all over!!!What a taut tushie!! And sugary liquid lips!!!Nice 'too as well!

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    Wrote devay77

    Very HOT hot! Loved it, make more of these and send em in, please.brokespokeharley@yahoo.com

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    Wrote smolety

    FYI: on tdisplaying the Yankee Flag - the blue field/stars should be on the left, when draping in that orientation, on a wall

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    Wrote carldemon

    mmmmmm can she taunt us with a big joy fucktoy too ? thanks nc

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    Wrote juan_tuans

    I would have loved this contri in the FREE section where it belongs. Nothing explicit here!

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    Wrote bluewater

    Are the photos fresh or fifty years old?

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    Wrote DTBlue

    Loved every minute of it!

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    Gorgeous woman! Now attempt to take nicer pictures and it will be superb.

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    fine titties

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    nice breast. docsleeve24@yahoo.com

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    U should have more naked pics. Some nymphs dont look good preg but U look sexy. next set sould be of me groping your big belly B4 I take U to couch.

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    Wrote lolz

    Wow, they even announced her site

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    loving the utter shave!

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    looks like joy to play with...a sexy handful. a wild pubic hair

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    fantastic and awesome lady!

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    wow nice round hard arse

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    Nice jizz-shotgun sucker!!!

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    sleek naturist photo oppsAmazing figure. love that booty

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    why bother, can see this any day, any where

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    Wrote edd666666

    What a hot bod. I kept looking at the contri over and over. I wish I was fastened to that lump of wood you buried truly deep

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    Wrote highlande

    slick naturist photo oppsSometimes the taunt is nicer then the "goods" shoved in your face, supreme gams sexy photos

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    BEAUTIFUL tits ! I gave her a Superb for those sugary titties.

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    Love her while you can but PLEASE don't pass her around like a used car. RESPECT her you bum H---

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    always love ur pics and vids, take the clothes off. love to see those tits bounce

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    Would love to have you on top sucking my man rod as I make tender love to your cock-squeezing succulent bald pussy!canninglingus@yahoo.com

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    Wrote blouflame

    brillo pad and some cleanser would clean that right up

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    Wrote laff1

    It's Haulover Strand and if I ever see someone snapping pictures I'll break the think over your childish head.

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    Wrote kwickmeis

    For me this us the best I have seen and would love to see more and talk.

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    Wrote josh3409

    WOW!! I loved how she opened up that vagina. Does she fist? Also that testicle tonic in the last pic. Is it hers or yours?

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    Wrote Gordoboy92

    Darn I would love to slide all over Dat butt

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    slick naturist photo oppsVery Beautiful and Sexy Lady and So Very Lickable Merci ;)

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    Damn!,, she is some kind of wonderful!

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    You are beautiful with stunning hot and sexy pictures. Thanks.

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    slick naturist photo oppsDam nice woman thanks for the contri

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    nice little tits. docsleeve24@yahoo.com

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    wheres the girls?

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    this chicks over the top sexy

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    You need to do a few sets of you dieting.

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    Wrote henryseer

    Thanks FLAman I appreciated your comment so much (Ana)

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    Wrote siddxxx

    WELL, this photographer is one screwed up person. Again, no fucking routine!! 1st Two pics, bra-less & jeans on. Then 1 pic nude except for a boulder-holder. 1 Nude pic, then Two more fucking with hooter-sling one. My suggestion is leave behind the rest of them ALL TOGETHER!!!!

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    Wrote admiring

    Yes, I would love some of your wifey. Let me do her!! atbed24@yahoo.com

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    slick naturist photo oppslove to fuck your GF hard and deep

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    Wonderful woman Smooch Smooch Smooch you

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    Looks like she is fighting to hold those big gams up. Why did you have to put an age on her?

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    hi fine pics and needs to be collective in more way than one lol. superb puffies and fantastic figure. Lots of hot jizz for these pics. xxx D&G

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    Shes HOT!!! POST MORE!!!

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    Very stimulating photo Jay...I'm sure you can imagine what my tongue wants to do right now, can you not?

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    Wrote huCowPetra

    i do luv a pierced chic

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    Wrote michamoore

    Anne, you are just in time for the fresh sexual revolution. Next you will learn that undies are superfulous.

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    NEVER SEEN A Sexier Arse ON THE BOX BEFORE!!!!!!!

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    She is so very hot and sexy... breath taking... This is the ideal set of titties: rock-hard big jugs, supreme dark areolas, big hard nipples...love it!!! adrianliddal@yahoo.it

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    Wrote Luvs2spy

    slick naturist photo oppsGilette, the best a man can get?

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    MG, that was NASTY...........

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    After you Woody!

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    Wrote bribie

    Your pics gave me a hard on that WOULDNT go down so I called up a friend to come over & take care of it but she made me buy her $ 600 worth of clothes ! ! I love to have a few more pics ? ? ?

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    Wrote hornyblkguy

    The quality issue is with your chosen subject (wife?) If you insist on shooting mooses then you've got to be well-prepped to be shot down by the critics.

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    Wrote jrgenhenry

    slick naturist photo oppsFantastic, do you want to trade?

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    Wrote songfan

    WOW! Thick women are a very big turn on.Please send more!

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    Wrote bignatura

    I'm going under the underlying assumption that you think that by having us sign in that we won't see she's an obese hog?

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    Wrote TLR1K

    did mommy no you had the camara

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    Wrote hood69

    slick naturist photo oppsTHAT IS Fairly POSSIBLY THE WORST FILM EVER MADE....

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    Wrote Diman_x

    I like all the parts how about putting them all todether

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    Wrote kittykagas

    Err.. I thought undressing was the thing?

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    I love you sweet thing. Good pics. Please post more.

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    On the pic of the tits dangling she looks like a dog, with Six tits...

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    Wrote Bonjours

    A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME! Check the what I eyed section!

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    Very first shot was awesome, would be nice to jism around the corner and see that in front of you, please keep the pics cuming

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    NO PUBLIC anywhere to be seen

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