• Outdor

    NOBODY is perfect..including me...but the world is an imperfect place and some of us just want to share joy photos with those that appreciate them. Morning release...

  • Daughter

    This is my very first post anywhere, so I hope you like! I began out with my beloved - a nice splash on my face and in my mouth ;) I've got more of us together if you treat me right! with handcuffs...

  • Real

    Outdoor Freedom - With the temp going up we determined to go outdoors and attempt out a few toppless pics. Attempting to get the nerve to be more public. Hope you love. playing with my marionette...

  • First Time

    Bathroom Joy - Some random pics of my lady, most of them sans her knowing (real voyeur). Next ones will be more explicit. Love. wife's tush...

  • Hot

    I have been luving the ladies for a while, so this is from me for all of y'all gals. Please some comments but only from the ladies. Espero que gostem !!...

  • Girls

    Sometimes while putting a contri together you find out that you have more than Ten pictures which is Worthing to send, these are some of them, hope you love more of Ten years...

  • Public

    Le Swimsuit 1/2 - apr?s la petite ?coli?re, imaginez-vous au bord de la mer, sous le soleil, avec moi en train de poser ? c?t? de vous... je vous laisse regarder et ? vous de juger. ? bient?t ;) relaxin on the couch...

  • Photos

    Some however my 'gash' was not so nice in the last set. What I didnt say was the photos were taken just after I had come so hard I had made a running in rivulets mess on the kitchen floor :-) A beatiful Cuban...

  • Voyeurism

    My wifey loves to be nude in front of the camera and it was sad to see these pictures come down after the fresh year, so here they are again with many more to come in the next month. She loves romp,...

  • First Time

    No story, just doing our part to keep VW total of contris. This one has a Valentine theme. So, Blessed Valentine's Day to all of you! I hope you like them. Youthful meaty lips...

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    sand blonde perky butt pubes shot spy 156

    I finaly managed to get some pictures of the wifey. She is a excellent BBW, loves to go at it. Here she is sucking. Sorry about the quality, dark room no flash. Comments to me are welcome, title this "BBW deepthroats the big one"

    October 2018 6:26:58

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    Gorgeous Hoe Fucked On The Plage

    of course for those who likes to exchange photos, opinions or ..... play live in italy WRITE! ovviamente per chi gradisce scambiare idee,foto anche piu spinte, opinioni o x le coppie italiane giocare dal vivo SCRIVETE!

    October 2018 12:13:21

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    Youthful sexy teenage caught bare-breasted on the beach!

    The last of my Michelle pics. Michelle and I have been dating for a few weeks. She is 22, a real blonde, and a law student. I embarked snapping pictures as we were getting ready to go out. She didn't seem to mind, I encouraged her to be more daring, and here we are!! Hope everyone likes the pics

    October 2018 7:21:36


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