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    Luving the outdoors in Oregon. Hubby and I are avid naturists, and admirers of the site so figured instead of stashing. Join in the fun! Hope y'all love. On train rail home...

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    Eventually got my gf to pose for the camera! I hope you love the results as much as we do...please let your comments be kind, and maybe there'll be more pics to come! Shaven and ready to go!...

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    Here are two of my beloved suck job clips. One I tied up Vince and had my way with him and the other was just joy that got out of manage. email me at...

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    1st time just testing the waters. These are just ramdom shots over the past few weeks. I think she's hot and she's 48 years youthfull. from venezuela...

  • First Time

    Hi , this sunday we took a walk around this famous park again,which was fairly populated,due to the good weather... Hi,diesen Sonntag besuchten wir einmal wieder Potsdam... We love these competions....

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    It took me 14 years to have her agree to contribute. She loved the comments. You guys were awesome! Now she's back with some more . . . . . yes shes a mom of Trio...

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    Young,Sexy And German - We took these Pics one night sans knowing the result.. She's sweet Nineteen on the pics and,as i think,a real cutie Just me on vacation...

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    Hot Italian Wifey Very first Photos - These are photos of my hot italian wifey from a few years ago. She was about 30 at the time. They don't do her justice. I will post more if viewers are interested. Hi boys ......

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    And don't leave behind - i read every comment you leave! it makes me moist and gives good mood to post more photos in here! Luv ya all!!! Snew finger-tickling herself....

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    duo caught having hookup on the public plage

    Nana In Florence (Softcore) We allready sent pt Two and Three of "Nana in Florence". Unluckily the VC team rated them as too hot. So you can see them on RC now. Here are some of the softer pics for the nice comments. See u on RC. Ciao, TnT

    June 2018 23:45:25

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    Inexperienced interracial duo on the strand

    My Hubby and I just needed to get away - Wiggle off the Winter cold and headed to Palm Springs for HEAT!!! We seemed to warmth it up our selves - role playing in the Bar wearing my sexy very brief flight attendent uniform. Unnecessary to say - at 50 I can still turn goes and create a little mess!!! hahahahah

    June 2018 4:6:44

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    hot brazilians butts at sand 2015

    Well as the title says, No one would ever believe her figure is hot as it is. Shes a VERY "high on the food chain" proffessional Mummy that brings home some serious "bacon"$$$$$..I love it because not only does she bring home some major league bank but she is a little bi-atch for my individual use..He He He..

    June 2018 15:17:11


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    Wrote phillywab

    Damn it Lynn, damn it !!! You just spent a fat blast here, 57" tv and your fabulous ass!!!! Done!!! Hope you are sensing well and thanks!!!!

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    Wrote giovanni845

    keep 'em comin' if only just to piss off morons like

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    Wrote borgdrone98

    NO FACE - NO VOTE!! A contri sans a face is like hookup with out an orgasm, it always leave you wanting.

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    Wrote amante_de

    Ihhh....nimm das wech, nimm das wech...ich werd blind...!!!!!!

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    Wrote asfaque

    Wow! Fantastic sexy contri!!Hope to see lots more from you!Cheers,Cleatcleat_69

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    Wrote thr0bster

    Wow, you are exceptionally beautiful. Normally I'm not all that big on tattoos, but you pull it off fairly nie. It was certainly a privledge to see your figure. Question however, why do you have a gun pointed at your crouch? I also thought the barcode tattoo was sort of nice. All in all you have a spectacular figure.

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    Wrote marco-1

    love to see u on all 4's with a little labia demonstrating

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    Wrote devoterma

    sweet,&braless too

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    Wrote bisexualp

    Ohhhhhh yeah I sure LOVE your aureolas and puffies I`d LOVE to see you wearing a "sheer" cup hooter-sling and matching panty ????

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    Wrote Maennel1234

    Very sexy woman! Liked the sheer garbs and superb high-heeled shoes (in the air).

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    Wrote wuffi49

    Headless and faceless don't do much for me - but the piercings are superb

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    Wrote hornyrott

    I love PTA honies hot for fucking

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    Wrote bigblackn

    I'd love to help you take pictures. wrath186@live.com

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    Wrote xtop3x

    Love your sexy pallid puffies and sweet smile. Johnnysmith803@gmail

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    Wrote hemain

    Wonderful shot of your sweet, perky breasts and delicious pink puffies.

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    Wrote mr_hungry

    demonstrate more of that bod. Nice butt, like the vibe in the undies while cuffed. Now turn over and showcase your other charms.

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    Wrote norpikk

    You guys seen that commercial MESSING WITH SASQUATCHT This is MESSING WITH SNATCH SQUASH.

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    Wrote max1369

    : Love the movie Phi! Your screams, and the way you hold that candle in your mouth are SO hot!

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    Wrote kbkarimmm

    Well I'm liking her gorgeously sexy booty. Those delicious cheeks of hers make me want to get down on my knees and cover them with soft, warm smooches.

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    Wrote hottilburg

    i love the canaries for my holidays but you make

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    Wrote berts4jr2

    sorority naturismNext time take some pictures on nr1, nr Trio and nr Four plage, these chicks are on nr Two playa which is mainly homo. So these chicks are afraid and hiding them selfs with the homo man.Typical conservative woman, who want to display of with their boobs.But pictu

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    Wrote BustyDating

    I shot jism all over them.

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    Wrote Von35

    oh why expose the rest of us to that? I know, you love her, good, but keep it to yourself, damn.

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    Wrote jennydwts

    Nice cock! I love the large pronounced head.

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    Wrote redalfa69

    in pic Five your penis looks so hard! Wow. I would suck and fuck it.

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    Wrote pyraruku

    very inviting Lisa

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    Wrote ceallachan

    What I'd indeed like to see is her lovely round donk and hairy pussy! Keep posting! 54katana@gmail.com

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    Wrote DIcker_Br

    wow she sure is a ultra-cutie, would she be interested in doing some photos with another female? mnr4fun@gmail.com

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    Wrote cathace2000

    sorority naturismSome much girly kinks, I couldn't sleep at all with her in my sofa. Superb

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    Wrote I-like-bi

    yOU GO gUS!!

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    Wrote bigcumsho

    sorority naturismThat's no cherry asshole, attempt the fucktoy in your butt.....

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    Wrote dudi101

    Truly nice contri. Choose natural pubic hair, but your figure is brilliant. Post more of these.

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    Wrote jester1970

    absolutely brilliant. love your incredible bod and gorgeous face. such a hot little thing... would love to see more of you. voted superb for your cock-squeezing little kinks. a Gigantic aficionado. please email pics to rwill80@gmail.com

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    Wrote alenka1996

    nice color of your nice

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    Wrote nemesis213

    mmmmmmmmm jo jo nice titties and love your vapid tummy but would you send me a pic of you flashing me your twat i sure would like to see it, thanks for permitting me to masturbate to your titties

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    Wrote gentleman

    Those are some sexy feet. Flawless shaped toes and painted real nice. How about some strappy sandals and of course covered in jism. Its nice to see a foot contri by somebody that actually has adorable feet.

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    Wrote deviantda

    With a sundress like that you should have been wearing stockings, they would have added so much to the pics.

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    Wrote ghassan3

    This is haulover strand in miami. We go here all the time!

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    Wrote wolphman007

    WoW!!! LUV the Bodypaint!!! Send me more PLEASE!!!

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    Wrote darkman666

    WOW I wish I could be your pornographer .. eeerrr .. photographer ! I'll be hard all day after looking at this BEAUTY.. PLEASE post MORE THANKS for sharing...oldman1952@yahoo.com

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    Wrote jhon_00

    I thought Pennsylvania too, looks like our older outhouses and we have a Crawford Co. as well, Mercer County here Guys Mills

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    Wrote Antonio75


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    Wrote maikool90

    Awesome!! Loved the sundress, actually loved watching you get out of it!! If you need another cameraman, look me up, have camera will travel!!!

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    Wrote BlueEyes78

    nice puffies Supreme Bum

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    Wrote nika972

    awesome pictures. Please post more wearing this sundress. I'd like to see how much the sundress covers your bod and how much onegets to see

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    Wrote let-there

    DON'T USE VASELINE...use a water based lube...you're going to get a yeast infection, and then we can't love this hot pussy!

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    Wrote nudeboi

    and so nice the high heel sandals

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    Wrote sejoislu

    Well the figure looks nice and playful. Now where did I leave those paper bags.

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    Wrote nylonsue

    For Fuck's sake, what are you taking pictures of her. She is all alone, why the hell didn't you go up to her and either say howdy or snap some closeups!

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    Wrote ringoboy12

    FANTASTICA!!! Una vera femmina con due tette e un culo da urlo!!! Ne hai altre? possiamo scambiare. Ciao, D.

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    Wrote sancho2063z

    sorority naturismlooks like a good time to me! like the little tattoo.

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    Wrote iamatt

    Would love to suck that hot beaver of yours

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    Wrote HotSunshine

    she's very beauty and very very sexy...

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    Wrote babojay

    Those are fine tits. Flash us that cootchie the next time. I'd like to see it all turgid and ready, getting fucked hard and utter of spunk. Thanks for sharing.

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    Wrote ceossss

    sorority naturismBeautiful face, and what a assets. Could you send some culo shots in the next series?

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    Wrote mandodge50

    Love them nips Hambone27803@gmail.com

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    Wrote mihmun

    vous avez un superbe cul merci de nous le montrer

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    Wrote FLAMinEK

    Love the rug! SEXY LADY!

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    Wrote horney003

    dan in hamburg aka King Moron.... what do posting times mean to you.... what difference does it make when someone posts.... you truly are the King Moron

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    Wrote martina22uk

    jo!!está para chuparse los dedos con ella.... ¿tienes mas fotos?

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    Wrote cemertu

    beautiful female !

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    Wrote hammerluver

    Darn multitasking. I meant to write "you're" in the last paragraph. Hey, unlike the illiterate clods bashing women, I actually know when I err. I don't deny it and then attempt to blame others, as "Assy" is attempting to do in his last post. By the way, I tend to refer to you as a "self-h@ting latent h0m0sexual." I call you that because you have shown yourself to be a misogynist, and one of the underlying causes of misogyny is outward-directed self-loathing due to latent h0m0sexuality. Don't blame ME for the diagnosis . . . blame yourself for engaging in the conduct that made your tendencies evident.

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    Wrote latintetas

    wow wonderful..luv them

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