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    Another one from our archives (about Two years ago) until I am able to get out and have more made. Thanks for the wonderful comments. The Swiss HC Event...

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    We revved from living room to bedroom. And there we took more shots of that wonderful woman. I'm so struck. but look for yourself get ready for a night...

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    Here's one for PS...the last one went to RC. For those who hate my tits...this is the hazard of having a smallish bod and getting a orb job after Four kids. And by the way they were not cheap. Holli has a smokin ass!...

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    This is my very first contribution and I look forward to your thoughts and opinions. Future suggestions are welcome. If you like the pics leave comments and VOTES! XOXO Recently in the forest....

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    I made these pictures myself to share with my soiree guests during our Halloween party! I was a massive hit with the folks and women. mail me if you like......

  • Voyeur

    Well she ultimately did it! Danna having her very first threesome with myself and another man. Met up with him and an hour or so afterwards here we go. She loved it, I loved it, he loved it. More to come. Perceiving very horny tonight...

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    woman jack off in naturist playa

    These are pics my hubby took for me to get began. I love playing with my playthings and always jism hard every time I do. Its been joy working with the camera, and if all goes well I can see myself sending in more! These are shots of me playing with my wand, more to come if you like them!

    March 2018 17:23:56

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    Hy Eric and gang...great site!!! Sexycat (my g/f), wants send you the pics of her hard job...wash her face with my juice. Sorry for the quality (8mm captured with a Snappy), hope you love. I'm a very lucky boy. This is the part one, call this "Sexycat on face 1"...the 2nd is nicer. Bye.

    March 2018 7:5:14

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    Spycam - Playa. BBW and friend

    Having recently been coaxed to post my very first contri, I've determined to force my spouse to do the same. I hope you love these and say something nice on the BB to make him sense as good as he makes me perceive.

    March 2018 1:4:55


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    Absolutely beautiful. What a pretty kitty you have Rachel. I think your breasts are spectacular. Thank you!

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    Send me email and I'll flash you how I spunk on you! germany71@gmx.net

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    Your hubby is a more obedient man than I could be. After that 2nd photo, the camera would be threw and I'd be holding your hips tightly in my forearms.

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    Guess i wont be posting pics of my wifey in the bathroom anytime soon..........geez u guys what have u posted lately

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    You'd think that the Health & Safety Office would be able to spell "electrocuted" correctly. ;) I've got heaps of explicit ones, but won't be posting them just yet.

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    good vid o !

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    Good contri.Quick question. What's with the garbage can next to your bed? I mean...what are you doing in sofa that's generating enough garbage to warrant you're own can next to it? Sorry I'm just curious.Again...

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    I did not see Alf in any of them.Maybe in Part 2?

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    A BS Story if you ask me.

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    Sexy Lady and Sucha Lickable Beaver Sweetie ;)

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