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    Victoria in the woood : the soft set. It was during a hot spring day in one of the most beautiful forest in the world. Ravens and rabbits were blessed !!! I adore that catches sight of of her...

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    Just more travels, more beautiful dolls, how I love the sun. As my other sets, not expicit, just nice sexy photos to make you sense good. Well, they make me sense good. Random pics from my journey...

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    Sport has run into alittle car trouble and had to take it in to a garage. The bill is outrages but maybe she can haggle with the proprietor. Let's see..... Underwater Ass!...

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    Well after much fear determined to send these in It was a bit cold and could not determine if I should go out and shovel well I determined. Hope this is proof there is life after 50...Thanks Just liking...

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    Just some pics of my beautiful wifey Please be nice and good comments and there will be alot more pics. By the way she is 44 and a sexy grandma. afternoon nap.....

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    Let me introduce myself........ I am MsKswa72 and we are so excited to have found you. MrKswa72 loves taking photos of me and likes it even more when he can showcase them off. My trainers wifey ......

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    My beautiful wives very first time posting. she thinks she doesnt look good anymore after our kid came along. attempting to persuade her otherwise. tell us what you think Wifey urinating...

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