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    Hi to the VW staff! I luv to read all of the messages, but cannot reply to all. Smooches to all of the people who left nice comments. I will proceed to attempt to fulfill requests shortly. PDPME. friday sfternoon delight...

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    These pictures where taken at the Fresh Orleans Mardi Gras. A few friends and I went down there, we had so much fun! Hope you all love. I have more so let me know if you like what you see... Simply my assistant...

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    Moist - howdy to all like to read the good comment and like to flash off to who likes to look im 41 years old yes old but good comment will bring out more of me ty. Relaxed and willing...

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    Hi all, I'm on my back waiting for my hubby too unload on to my tits....... then I'll paw it in............. I hope you love. Bday celebration!...

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    my female friend insisted to send her photos so every assets can see her but the problem is these photos doesnt display how horny she is very first pics on Naturists...

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    My Bbw - Embarked taking pics awhile back and now she has revved into a picture ho. Loves to take pics in different garbs and with other bisexual ladies as well. Has a deffinate stripper boot fetish. Smooches Dragonfly xxx...

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    Hi Everyone-More misc photos of Cathy that didn't make it last month. . .plus a duo of fresh ones from this week. Cheers, Dave (& Cathy) another good caboose shot....

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    theSandfly Cock-Crazy Playa Babes!

    It was requested by popular request on the RC Sams BB that MsC get her face covered. This was posted live on the thread! It was then suggested that the live post be submitted as a total contribution...so...here it is! Enjoy...we did!

    October 2018 18:54:51

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    Buxom teenager woman wearing her playa suit

    Marlene does not apologize for looking old as she is old and to all those numbskull detractors who gave such disparaging remarks about her age in our preceding postings, screw you all and may you look decrepit before you turn 50. lol.

    October 2018 8:49:47

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    strand blonde perky donk goods shot spy 156

    We are a mid to late 30s duo in Texas. This is only our 2nd attempt at digital pics and very first attempt at a contribution. We are very interested to hear back from others, peculiarly couples w/women or just women who are bisexual or bi-curious. You know the email drill. Thanks.

    October 2018 20:11:47


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    Wrote Amy_sexi69

    Next time attempt to add some variety!!!

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    I like number Five , number 40 is a bit very trashy

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    PS - Lulu is nice!!!

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